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Timber Creek Resource

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


As packaging engineers, our business model is based on attention to detail and exemplary customer service. With the combined capacity of 13 facilities in 3 states, and the care and quality expected from a family business, we offer truly custom solutions that make the most of the customer’s investment.
Leading UK Manufacturer of Packaging Machinery C.E.King have been a packaging equipment manufacturer and packaging machine supplier of bottle filling machines, tablet and capsule counting machines, pill counters, piston filling machines, liquid filling equipment, container cappers and labelling machines for over 75 years. C.E.King limited offer a diverse variety of King liquid filling machines handling viscous and non-viscous products, foamy and problem products with a high degree of accuracy.King supply packaging machines and filling systems worldwide to pharmaceutical and healthcare, animal and veterinary, nutraceuticals and supplements, cosmetics and skincare, personal care and toiletries, food and drink, home and garden, automotive and other industries and sectors which produce liquid and tabletted medicines, tablets, capsules, pills, dragee, shampoo and conditioners, bathroom and kitchen sprays, hand washes and liquid soap, shower gel, bath oils, body scrubs, body lotion and baby oils, face and sun creams, skin moisturisers, creams, lotions and toners, mouth washes, shoe and nail polish, vape pen refills, e-liquids and e-juices, herbal vaporisers, e-vitamins, insecticides, repellents, pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers, automotive liquids and cleaners, detergents, paints, dyes, lubricant oils and other fluid products.C.E.King also supply bottle unscrambling machinery, straight and side flexing conveyor bottle transport systems, King spare parts and accessories, second hand and overhauled King packaging machines for sale, upgrades for TB4, TB4S, TB5, TC8 and TC12 automatic tablet counter machines and custom designed and manufactured semi-automatic packaging machines, sealing machines, automatic bottling equipment, pill slats for slat counters for all types of tablets and capsules.King also provide after sale and onsite service, spares and support for the thousands of King machines installed at manufacturing facilities around the world including the following King models: KT340, KT360, King ILKT automatic filling machine range, King Technofill, C E King Kingfisher liquid filling machines and the C E King SC4, SC10, SC20 King slat counting and tablet filling machines. King also supply change parts. spares and service for the King capping machine range such as the CS50, CS60, caps 80, CS120, CS180, ISEC 150, ISC 120, ISC 100.C.E.King team also provide service, spares and support for KT341 benchtop liquid fillers, tablet counters, slat counting machines, CF100 cotton wool inserting machines, LH5 self-adhesive labelling machine and other packaging machinery.

Custom Packaging

Houston, Texas



Custom Packaging Pro offers various types of Custom Retail Packaging Boxes wholesale with logo, Cosmetic Boxes, Candle Boxes, Kraft Boxes, Cardboard Boxes, Cigarette Boxes, Custom Folding Boxes, Vape Boxes, CBD Boxes, CBD Pre Roll Packaging, Pre Roll Boxes, E-Liquid Boxes, Custom Boxes, and etc. for All Cities of USA. ?Get the advantage of unique Custom Packaging for your business that’s best for your brand and company. You can create the specific display, shipping and storing process for the success of your name and trademark. So avail the perfect chance to stand out in your business line and present your products effectively in the market.

Forming Technologies

Muskegon, Michigan



Thermoforming is a general term for the process of producing plastic parts from a flat sheet of plastic under temperature and pressure. When combined with advanced finishing techniques, thermoforming can result in products comparable to those produced by injection molding at a fraction of the tooling cost.Forming Technologies AdvantagesProvide value through creative design.Provide quality products and service, on time.Provide competitively priced solutions. Forming Technologies offers a cost-efficient, environmental alternative to wood pallets. An effective reusable plastic pallet program can reduce costs and optimize a supply chain.

Winco Identification Corp.

Nashua, New Hampshire



Since 1980, Winco Identification Corp has been  delivering innovative bar code, labeling, photo ID and RFID solutions.

Whether you need to label your products or shipments for compliance reasons or if you want to improve inventory control and traceability, we can help. Winco specializes in durable labels for the manufacturing and electronics industries.

In addition to the Winco labels (that we manufacture right here in New Hampshire) we also provide complete labeling solutions using some of the best equipment and software available.

Want to learn how labeling and barcoding can help make your job easier? Get in touch today!





Extruders of PET, PS and PP sheet for the thermoforming industry. We design and manufacture thermoformed trays and containers. Located in Mexico City since 1968,. We work with the automotive, electric, pharmaceutical, agriculture and food industry. Custom color sheet development as well as ESD.

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