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Villeurbanne, Rhône-Alpes

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


SouthPack, LLC

New Britain, Connecticut



Proveedor Empaque Mexico

Monterrey, Nuevo León



DAHER-SOCATA (Cornebarrieu)

Cornebarrieu, Midi-Pyrénées




Les OLMES, Rhône-Alpes

Orbis Material Handling, Inc.

Georgetown, Kentucky


TOULOUSE, Midi-Pyrénées

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


IPS Packaging

Fountain Inn, South Carolina

Distributor of Industrial Products


As leading providers of industrial packaging supplies, we continue to prove that innovation is not an option in the packaging industry.  We strive to provide our clients with a fresh perspective from a company who looks for opportunities where others find obstacles.  IPS Packaging has been in business for over thirty-five years providing packaging to our client base across the United States and abroad. 


We specialize in providing innovative solutions that will lower your operating costs, increase productivity and positively impact your bottom line. Our goal is to streamline your packaging process.


We strive to exceed our customer's expectations through innovative cost cutting solutions, JIT inventory allotment, source reduction solutions and alternative product enhancements. We see no limitations. 


IPS Packaging provides an extensive line of packaging supplies; some of those items include strapping, stretch and shrink film, tapes, labeling, adhesives, poly bags, machinery, void fill, sheeting, corrugated, parts and service.  IPS Packaging has recently expanded this product line to include products that are either recyclable or biodegradable.  With products that are ordered from leading manufacturers in the industry, our customers are receiving strong and durable products while becoming more eco-friendly.  Products that are eco-friendly include stretch film, shrink film, paper packaging, poly strapping and packaging list envelopes. 


Thank you for your interest in IPS Packaging; we are interested in being considered as a partner for your business.  

coptics inc

Zhupei, Hsin-chu

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


 Coptics corporation RFID/Smart card/secure system fulfill efficient management and control of your operation system. Coptics's wide product range cover LF, HF, UHF segment  in multiple form of supply,  such as standard module, COB, bare wafer, bumped wafer, etc, for different end application: tag, label and PVC. Our product is built on RFID/smart chip provided by word top chip makers to ensure quality.  We also introduce CPU card to facilitate development of your project which is widely used in Access control system and Telecom application. We look forward to growing biz with you. 


BURSA, Bursa

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Burçak Metal was established as Burçak Machinery by Saban
Demiroglu in Bursa in 1998. In the beginning the company
produced shock absorber parts for the automotive industry. By
increasing its machinery with adding index automats, Burçak
expanded not only to automotive sector but also started to
produce parts for appliance manufacturers, machine producers
and furniture makers.
In 2002 the company name was changed and registered as
“Burçak Metal Company”. The company constantly improved it
machinery by adding additional index automats and swiss type
automatic machines and invested in research and development
for the machine sector. In the same year Burçak Metal invested
in CNC Lathe machines to further increase production quality.
In addition, Burcak Metal started to apply Quality Control
System and in 2003 was awarded the RWTUV Highest Quality
Control System Document:ISO 9001:2000
Burçak Metal increases its market share by concentrating on
customer satisfaction and high quality philosophy. It has also
increased its equipment with CNC Lathes, 6 spindle automats, C
Axis CNC Lathes, swiss type automatic CNC machines. With this
large variety of equipment, Burçak metal continues to produce
parts for major suppliers of; TOFAS, RENAULT, TOYOTA, FORD
The Company pays close attention to people and environmental
issues. By 2007 Burçak Metal moved to 3000m2 new factory
site in Nilufer Organized Industrial Area. In this new location, all
departments, production, planning, purchasing, quality control
and human resources are collected together with a personnel
of 45 for a monthly production figure of 3.000.000 items for
automotive, appliance, furniture and machinery sectors.

Doug Brown Packaging

, Ohio

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House


Packaging Diva

Kennesaw, Georgia



I am a packaging consultant with more than 35 years global packaging experience and expertise with a comprehensive command of the power of social media, branding, design and merchandising through the right packaging.

What this means to you is I know what is hot in packaging and what is not. Trends, issues, technologies and innovations you need to know that could impact your success in selling your product/s.

I have traveled the world speaking on packaging trends and technologies at the major packaging trade shows and my packaging columns are syndicated around the world. My globally recognized brands are, and most recently

I know what consumers want on their product packaging. I either have the packaging answer you seek or know where to find it. As the ""go to"" person in packaging with tens of thousands of people in my network my mantra is answers, advice, results.


Social media packaging, packaging launch or makeover, packaging sourcing, packaging expert witness on patent infringement and intellectual property, brand identity and package design infringement, sustainable, green and environmentally friendly packaging, consumer product packaging trends, technology and innovation, smart/intelligent packaging, packaging and marketing, branding, merchandising, or advertising, packaging and consumers, society or retail products, package/packaging design, packaging education/training

Empson (Ningbo) Rubber&Plastic Co,.Ltd

Ningbo, ?? (Zhejiang)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


   Empson (Ningbo) Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of rubber and plastic products.

    We have more than 10 years experience as a supplier of baby products and rubber parts for chemical, electronic, automobiles, machine industries. Our team of engineers and professionals can produce products that match with the unique and special demands of our clients to serve them in a better and efficient way.

    Quality control:The worldwide success of our products comes from meeting and exceeding our customer's expectations. 

  • We conduct on going quality assurance training for all of our   employees. Quality control is our primary concern.        
  • We Join our customer's team. Our team incorporates your requirements into the design, testing and production of our quality products.
  • Our goal is to provide you, our customers with quality reliable products at a competitive cost and on time delivery.
  • We invite you to contact our office and take your manufacturing process to the next level.

Our advantages        

  • Strict quality control        
  • Competitive Price        
  • Innovation through constant Research & Development        
  • Complete customer satisfaction.       
  • On-time Delivery.