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??, ?? (Fujian)

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???????????????? Baiheli Plastic Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan, ?? (Guangdong)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



A brief introduction:

Baiheli Plastic Co., Ltd., established in Feb of 2007, is a professional plastic manufacturer of vacuum forming & processing on heavy-gauged parts. With a few years rapid growth from 5 employees and 450 square meter work floorin the beginning, our company is now one of the such leading enterprise of local industry:

  • over 60 employess, 6000 square meter work floor, 5 vacuum forming machines, 1 sheet extruding machine, 3 degital engraver, 1 spray painting line and 1 silk screen printing machine.
  • products of 5 categories, over 1000 items
  •  applicable material: ABS, PMMA, PETG, HIPS, HDPE, PC etc.
  • well-known in translucent forming, including PMMA, PC and PETG
  • maximum part size: 4500(L) x 2000 (W) x 1000 (H)

Technology and Supporting Services:

Enjoying a top class R&D team, advanced plastic forming technology, as well as a continuous pursuit of innovation and perfection, we are able to provide customer with high quality product design services with rapidity, high efficiency and top quality, so as to satisfy the growing market demand. Further more, we are able to provide a one-stop service with vacuum-forming, drape forming, injection forming, spray painting, silk screen printing, metal processing and assembling, for an attempt to reduce your risk and to save your cost.

Management philosophy:

Our management philosophy is Quality First, Reputation the most. A qualified professional team, scientific and standardized management and the state-of-the-art equipments ensures us to be trustworthy.

Customer satisfaction is our commitment. We are looking forward to working with you on the way to prosperity.

?????????? Wuxi XinYi Electrical and Mechanical Co. , Ltd

???, ?? (Jiangsu)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



Company Profile 

Wuxi XinYi Electrical and Mechanical Co. , Ltd ,a manufacturing enterprise started in 1993,is specialized in parts processing ,which manufactures standard or non-standard machinery equipment for various enterprises.

There are dozens of horizontal and vertical maching center,cutting center and CNC lathe,dozens of various types of engine lathe,grinder machine,milling machine,punch machine and other machine equipment in 8000m2 modern factory, where manufacture all kinds of complex part in large numbers and non-standard equipment manufacturing processes though designing componts, processing,assembling and commissioning.The professional design engineers, technical staff-spot guidance,more than 10 technicians and 45 machaincs through the rigorous training are composed of a high level and dedicated team .the company owning perfect quality control system as well as a certain examine devices has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification.

The business extention,the increase in customers, the best part of our products exported to USA?Germany?Britain etc,besides, the start-up enterprises in China owned by these courties including Japan?Korea?Taiwan also purchasing parts processing,is attributed to the idea of customer highest,quality first, technological innovation,intergrity management.we sincerely hope establish long-term friendly cooperative relationship and pursue mutual benefit.


Company Name: WuXi Yinyi Machinery and Electric Co.,Ltd

Address: Entrepreneurial road 5 ,Donggang Town, Wuxi City , Xishan District ,Jiangsu,China

City/Province: Wuxi/Jiangsu 


Contact :Mr.Qin Dali

Mobile phone :86-18921122361








CNC machining part


CNC part

CNC Lathe Part

CNC Precision parts

CNC Stamping Parts;

Motorcycle CNC parts;

CNC machining precision parts

CNC metal parts

CNC turned parts

CNC router parts


We have enough equipments for making sheet metal part such as stamping machines, bending machines, etc. We can supply you high quality sheet metal part.

1. Material: Carbon steel; Stainless steel, aluminum alloy; Brass alloy; Tinplate, copper; Stannum bronze; Silicon bronze; Zinc alloy; Gray iron; Ductile iron; Malleable iron; Tungsten steel, etc.

2. Machining processes: Metal fabrication, machining, welding, forming, shaping, punching, drilling, turning, milling, grinding, chip formatting, rolling, stamping, deep drawing, bending, spot or seam welding, spinning, forging, sand casting, die casting, investment casting, etc.

3. Surface treatment: Polishing, zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, powder coating, e-coating, dip coating, phosphate coating, anodize, PVC powder coating, dichromate plating, decrement plating, etc.

4. Machinery and equipments: CNC machining center; CNC lathe; Normal lathe; CNC milling machine; General milling machine; General drilling machine; General planning and grinding machine; CNC turning center; Wire EDM, etc. And we also can offer 4 or 5 axis-CNC center processes.



SHENZHEN, ?? (Guangdong)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



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泉州, 福建 (Fujian)

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深圳, 广东 (Guangdong)

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