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A.G.E.S. s.r.o.

Olcnava, Kosicky Region

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


We are small company with 20 employees. We are engaged in the production of smaller construction to 1500 kg, with subsequent production of welded parts machining, production of various machine components according to drawings.


Floresti, Prahova

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


GONZALES MECANICA DE PRECIZIE (GMP) is the Romanian subsidiary company of the French group GONZALES DEVELOPPEMENT Designer and manufacturer of industrial equipments for national and international major customers

Our Activities and our Professions:

• Realization of special machines, prototypes, tools, and production lines equipments
• Precision machining
• Welding.
• Automatism and electric cabling.
• Painting and surface treatments.
• Integration, assembly, fitting and adjustment.
• Started and tests.

 Very diversified, we exercise our various professions and knowledge in the following sectors:

• Tyres industry.
• Nuclear industry.
• Gas and energy industry.
• Electrical industry.
• Cable transportation construction.
• Railroad Industry.
• Public works machines construction.

Quality, Reliability, Respect of schedules stay our permanent targets which animate our company to satisfy our customers.

 That why our company develop itself and progress in the point of view of our professions evolution, our projects organisation and the orders which are entrusting us.


Grudziadz, Kujawsko-Pomorskie

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


K.P.FORMIT produces:

  •     Machinery parts and assemblies for machinery industry,energy industry, automotive industry, packaging industry,  exploration of oil industry, automation industry in short series and series varied from the unitary ( prototype parts ) up to the average.
  •    Special tools and devices, blanking dies, stamping dies, dies, stamps, profile rollers for forming metal sheet, zig-zag blades, devices with zig-zag blades, injection moulds, drop-forging dies, models for casting, casting molds, welding sets.
  •  Special machines and machinery and equipment prototypes.

K.P.FORMIT offers services:

3-axis CNC milling, 5-axis CNC milling, 5-axis CNC milling of 3D CAD surfaces, CNC turning, boring, drilling, grinding of plates, grinding of holes, grinding of shafts, grinding of profile rollers, 4-axis CNC wire cutting, welding of construction steels, CNC machining of welded constructions, assembling of machinery assemblies

Heat treatment, carburizing, nitriding, coatings - by suppliers

We use 3D CAD Solid Edge, CAM Unigraphics for 5-axis CNC milling of 3D surfaces, CAM Peps for 4-axis CNC wire cutting

ISO 9001:2008



Brentwood, New Hampshire

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House


MSRC is a stocking distributor located in Brentwood, NH. As an opportunity vendor, MSRC works with many of the Tier 1 OEMs/CEMs of the industry in helping them not only with shortage fulfillment, but with cost savings opportunities and disposition of excess inventory as well. We specialize in all active and passive components that would be used in telecommunications, personal computer, industrial, medical, automotive and any other electronic builds.

Being a stocking distributor, we currently have millions of dollars of excess inventory on hand through consignment programs and bidding opportunities. This gives us the ability to ship product immediately when we receive and order from one of our customers. If we receive a request for a product that we do not have in our current inventory, we will then go out and contact one of our Tier 1 OEM/CEM suppliers who will allow us to purchase them from their excess or production stock.

We also specialize in hard drive and tape drive repair solutions, and are fully ISO 9001:2000 certified.


, ?? (Guangdong)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


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