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Realtech Engineering

Rajkot, Gujarat


For Forging parts and products machining, Realtech engineering offers the highest degree of service with a basis of 12+ years experience serving the Tractor, Earth moving machine parts, automotive industry, Construction Industries, valve and hydraulic industries. Our automotive machine shop and experts deliver confidence. We have perfected the art of producing large component volumes with complete JIT reliability, backed by the quality and long-term reliability our customers expect.

Product development

We can offer APQP, PPAP, FMEA, MSA as per customer requirement.

Real tech is equipped with modern equipment for product development & tool design. APQP Process has led to the development of a wide range of innovative products catering to the diverse needs of the clients.

Quality Testing and Equipments

Being as an ISO 9001 : 2008 accredited organization, We achieve high quality standards through in-house measuring systems. Realtech using following instruments for inspection and checking

CMM-out source

Profile projectors

Vernier, mictometer, height gauge


Special profile gauges

Hardness tester

3rd party material testing –Chemical and physical properties

Why Real Tech

International quality products at a competitive price.

Lean, and Focused Organization.

Maintains full Lot Traceability

Prompt customer response with minimal tool development lead time.

Strict adherence to delivery schedules.

Localized vendor base for Casting & other input of raw material.

Believes in Latest Technology – Brand New Machines, Equipments & updated information.

Raw Material Inventory of over 150 MT to offer Quick Deliveries.

Inventory programs offers like JIIT.

No rejection or rework at customer end

Realtech focus on Continuous Improvement

Our presence

We are servicing worldwide with

more than 10 countries.

A&G Machining, LLC

4.89 (38)

Garner, North Carolina


A G Machining, LLC located in Wake County, North Carolina in the town of Garner just outside of the capital of Raleigh. A G has been in business for 12+ years @ its 3,000sq ft shop. All of A G's employees are US citizens. A G Machining has a combined 56 + years experience machining a wide variety of materials, specializing in Aluminum, Stainless Steel Plastic parts. A G's manufactures parts for awide range of clients Industries. They range from: Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Dairy/ Food, Packaging, Custom Beer Taps Automotive / Racing Racing / Motorcycle A G offers . CNC Milling and CNC Lathe machining @ competitive rates. A G's shop features HAAS CNCLathes Haas mills Fryer CNC Milling machine centers. Machining centers that can accommodate up to 40" inches on X axis, 20" inches on Y.First article inspection report follows each job as it goes thru the process of being made. General tolerances held at + or - .005 down to .0003. General lead times are 1-4 weeks depending on quantity and job size. A G does offer monthly blanket orders, JIT or KanBan to its customers. Fast turnaround 1-3 days on emergency or rush jobs are always welcomed.Please give us a call or shoot us an email for your free quotes. Our team goal is to make parts for our customers that have a wow factor to them, no matter how hard or easy the part is. That no part leaves to our customer that we wouldn't purchase ourselves. A G uses Mastercam X9 when machining to customers prints or solid models. Software : MasterCam 2017 Machines: 2 * Haas VF2ss Cnc Mill 30" x 16" High speed milling 1 * Fryer MC-15 Cnc Mill 40" x 20" 1* Fryer MC-10 Cnc Mill 30" x 20" 1* Haas ST-20SSYCncLathe C-Axis Live tooling 1* Haas SL-20 Cnc Lathe 1- Victor Production Saw 1- Victor Vertical Band Saw Bead Blaster Tumbler The material capabilities of A G Machining include: Aluminum - 6000,7000,5000,2000 series, Extrusions Castings Plastics -- Delrin, Acetal, Uhmw, Nylon, Acrylic, Poly pro Poly Eth. Brass - 360 Naval Bronze Copper Carbon Steels-1018, 1020, 1045,1144,4140,8620 12L14 Stainless Steels 300, 400series to 17-4

Efco Machine Shop, LLC

4.50 (4)

Pendleton, Texas


EFCO Machine Shop, LLC is a full service production machine shop and job shop dedicated to the highest standard of customer satisfaction. This is achieved through a commitment to quality and customer service. We have built long-term partnerships with many of our customers, working together to solve problems, improve quality, and control costs. Our in-house capabilities include CNC Milling, CNC Turning, CNC Drilling & Tapping, Manual Machining (All Types), Welding, Plasma Cutting, and Assembly. And EFCO can provide many secondary services such as Anodizing, Plating, Powder Coating, Paint, and Heat Treating. At EFCO we have the experience and technology to handle practically any machining or welding project. Whether it's for a prototype, small to large production run, or secondary operations such as plating and powder coating we have the staff and facilities to meet your production needs. Our goal is to provide exceptional service and quality manufactured parts, products, and assemblies that consistently meet or exceed our customers expectations.

Direct Wire Service

5.00 (1)

Versailles, Ohio


Direct Wire Service is a machine shop specializing in Wire EDM work. An attached equipment list includes all our machine tools. Direct Wire also takes on design and build work that includes progressive and stage dies, weld and machining fixtures and gages. We program and do 3D CNC machining. We supply CNC production along with wire EDM production, and take on build to print dies, fixtures and gages along with detail packages. Direct Wire works closely with Direct Tooling Concepts, Inc. Direct Tooling is owned by Dave Berger and is a design house specializing in die design, but also designs fixtures and gages. Please call Eric or Dave at Direct Wire Service anytime you have EDM or tooling needs. Also contact Dave at Direct Tooling Concepts (937-526-9426) for any tool design needs.

DRI Machine and Fab, LLC

4.20 (5)

Hanover, Pennsylvania


Complete machining, fabrication and welding facility.  CNC turning, CNC milling along with  general machining.  Shearing, bending and  complete welding facility.  Prototype through  high volume machine work.  Working with all  types of steel, aluminum, brass, bronze and tool  steels. Extensive experience working with all types of plastics; nylon, delrin, cast nylon, UHMW, teflon, etc.  Heat treating, painting and plating  available along with assembly of machines and  sub- components. We thank you for the opportunity to  quote and we look forward to being of service to  you and your company.    INSPECTION DEPARTMENT: Faro PowerGage Arm Inspection Gage is the only portable measurement device that enables manufacturers to verify that a part meets the CAD file's specs to within .0002 of an inch. The power arm is a high tech, yet user-friendly inspection device. As the user traces the arm's tip over the part's entire surface, the system's laptop computer verifies all of the part's 3D measurements against the original CAD file ('the digital blueprint')

Indian Head Tool Inc.

4.80 (5)

Waterford, Pennsylvania




We are located in Waterford, Pennsylvania. Indian Head Tool would greatly appreciate the opportunity to assist you in your metal working requirements. Listed below is an inventory of the CNC equipment we have and the capacities we are able to accommodate. If you are in need of any other information, please feel free to contact me at (814)796-4954 or by e-mail at

Machining center x axis 30" y axis 17" z axis 24"Hurco VM1 machining center x axis 26" y axis 14" z axis 18" Daewoo 3017 machining center x axis 30" y axis 16" z axis 24" Daewoo Puma 230 CNC lathe max turning dia. 13.8 x 21" between centers Daewoo Puma 240L CNC lathe max turning dia. 16" x 25" between centers Doosan HP4000 twin pallet horizontal X axis 24" y axis 22" z axis 24" Hydmech H230A automatic production saw up to 9" dia.SMW twin spindle indexer 6" face plates and chucks, pneumatic collet closer. Brown Sharp CMM x axis 18" y axis 20" z axis 16"

To complement our machine department we also have a tool grinding department which allows us to grind our own cutters as well as make any special cutters that may be needed on complex jobs. The tool grinding department allows us to keep all of our work in house which translates into a low shop rate to you while maintaining high quality and fast turnarounds.

Agar Machining & Welding Inc

4.71 (7)

Pawtucket, Rhode Island


AGAR Machining & Welding Inc is a versatile job shop with expertise in low to mid volume, quick turnaround contract machining, welding, fabricating and machine building. Established in 1986 and located in Pawtucket, RI in a 13,000 sqr ft climate controlled building with 20 employees. Operating a combination of CNC and conventional machine tools with capacity to 72'' dia turning and 4ft x 5ft milling. Servicing such industries as pharmaceutical, wire, paper, glass and general manufacturing. Along with contract parts manufacture, AGAR has also built pharmaceutical processing equipment, ASME approved pressure vessels, jigs & fixtures, tools & dies and assorted machinery. Services such as prototype development, reverse engineering, AutoCad & SolidWorks drafting and machine rebuilding / repair are available. Experience with all types of materials.

IMAP IS A USA BASED MANUFACTURER also known as Kenosha Plastic Molding (KPM) an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with global experience. We have a 9,000 sq ft shop located in Kenosha, WI. We provide Design, Prototype, Tooling, C.M.M. CNC, EDM, and injection molding on site.

We do have over 25 years automotive experience, with nearly every plastic part on a vehicle. We are well diversified with Five main product categories, Electronic Housings, Automotive Electric Vehicle Components, Medical, Sporting Goods and Pet Products. We have made significant new investments in the USA. We offer economical molding solutions and can be very competitive in shoot and ship parts as well as complex assemblies. We have 3d mold printing and aluminum machining for fast low volume molding.

We have had much success working with everyone from start up inventors offering design feasibility assistance to save money on their first program, to Automotive Tier 1 customers. We can be very competitive, utilizing 20 years of knowledge to deliver the best product at the lowest price.

R.G. Custom Mfg. Inc.

4.75 (4)

Cambridge, Ontario




R.G. Custom Manufacturing Inc. was established in 1991 with the mandate to deliver high quality custom machined and fabricated components to its customers. R.G. Custom Manufacturing Inc. continues its quest to be a world class leaderin the field of custom machining and fabrication. Our Manufacturing Plant located in Cambridge, Ontario, houses our dedicated tradesmen and support staff in a team environment, to ensure all our customers requirements are met on time.R.G. Custom is a highly technical machine shop with exceptional capabilities. Whether your project requires: * Milling: Full CNC & Manual capabilities. This includes Production, Horizontal & Vertical CNC machining centers, full 4th Axis Milling, Contouring and even small intricate Milling profiles & Wire EDM . We are full service manufacturing facility open 24 Hours. Our quality objectives continue to improve, insuring the products we manufacture exceeds our customer's expectations. We welcome the opportunity to quote on your machining or fabrication needs. Please consider R.G. Custom Manufacturing Inc. for all your future machining and fabrication requirements.

Travis Sherwood is the Sole Owner and Operator of Sherwood Machining and Tooling with over 20 years of job shop experience. Experienced in dies, injection, blow & rotational molding, fixtures, tooling, and custom made trimming machines.

I must add that my Wife Kim Sherwood now is now in charge Engineering here at SMT. Having left her Engineering job at a cabinet factory to work with me.

Sherwood Machining and Tooling is well experienced and quite capable of holding tolerances of .001 or less. We do prototypes and short run (100 pieces or less) production jobs so no matter what your needs are, We can meet and exceed your expectations. This is your opportunity to receive lean quality machining from an extremely qualified Tool Maker that builds craftsmanship into every project. We want the opportunity to make your first experience lead to a long term working relationship advantages to both our businesses growth.

    My shop is equipped with the following machinery:
  • Centroid CNC 12x54 3 axis bedmill
  • Centroid CNC 18x40 lathe
  • Sony CNC 10x50 2 axis turret mill Clausing 15x50 lathe with taper attachment

Contact information (620-330-3511)

Arcana Precision Machining

5.00 (1)

Arlington, Washington


Arcana Precision Machining is offering over 25 years of experience in precision machining, production management, reverse engineering, ISO and AS9100 auditing, programming and specialized machining. We offer industry leading experience in part modification and specialized tooling. We are also available for all your programming and tool manufacturing needs, no matter how difficult.

Brewster Washers

5.00 (1)

Fairfield, New Jersey


Over 95 years of quality .... Proud to say "Made in the USA" Since its inception, Wm. H. Brewster Jr., Inc. has consistently manufactured the finest available Precision Round Washers, Shims, Discs and Spacers for practically every purpose imaginable. Our parts are utilized in everything from computer motors and dental tools, to the Space Shuttle and the Mars Lunar Rover. Brewster Precision Shims, Flat Washers, Discs and Spacers are manufactured with rigorous quality control and adhere to strict government standards, and we are certified to ISO9001:2008 Wm. H. Brewster Jr., Inc. specializes in the fabrication of thinner thicknesses (from .0005" and up) and our products are available in a wide variety of materials such as Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Phosphorous Bronze, Beryllium Copper, and an array of plastics. Sizes range from a Min. O.D. of .050" - 1.270mm on up to 6+" - 152.40+mm x. and a Min. I.D. of .026" - .6604mm and Specializing in thinner thicknesses from .0005". Wm H Brewster Jr Precision Round Flat Washers, Shims Discs and Spacers are fabricated in the following materials: Stainless Steel Inconel Cold Rolled Steel Blue Spring Steel Phosphorous Bronze Nickel Silver Aluminum Copper Brass Titanium Nylon Teflon® Mylar Polyethylene Nylatron Delrin ® Kapton ® Beryllium Copper

Carnes-Miller Gear Co., Inc.

Locust, North Carolina


Carnes-Miller Gear (CMG) specializes in low volume, high mix (LVHM) custom gears in parallel axis and crossed axis applications. Additionally, we understand shaft-hub connections and manufacture internal and external splines for use in various couplings and shafts.

CMG designs and incorporates quick change fixturing to allow us to operate in a low volume environment with many different types of gears and sizes (LVHM). This enables us to deliver high quality parts in a competitive manner that meet quality requirements. 

Ottinger Machine Co.

4.00 (2)

Indianapolis, Indiana


OTTINGER MACHINE CO. is a 2nd generation machine shop, in business since 1967. We have CNC Lathe and Mill capabilities as well as a complete general machine shop. We do small to long run production, or one-off prototypes. Being a smaller company we can meet almost any delivery schedule. We keep abreast of all new technology, and are flexable to customers' needs. At OTTINGER we make every effort to see that our customers' relationships with us exceed any and all of their expectations. References are available. We have in the past done work for Electronics, Automotive, Aircraft, Special Machinery, and Military. We have recently moved into a larger facility, with one of our customers. This will expand our efforts to bring our customers much more added value. For all of your machined parts contact Jeff Ottinger OTTINGER MACHINE CO., 317-654-1700. Thank you for your consideration, Jeff Ottinger

Midwest Gear & Machining Inc

4.00 (1)

Kansas City, Kansas


Midwest Gear & Machining, Inc., based in Kansas City, is a CNC machining and gear manufacturing job shop. We have been in business since 1987 offering full time machining services with 10+ years experience in the industry. Most of our work has been with prime DOD contractors, agricultural manufacturers, and other machine shops. We offer excellent quality and comply with MIL-I-45208 specifications and are working towards ISO certification in the future. Our facility is a freestanding 6,000 square foot facility offering prototype assistance while utilizing FAT software and is your number one source for close tolerance components. Midwest Gear & Machining, Inc. is familiar with steel forgings, bars, aluminum, nylon, brass and bronze materials and can guarantee quality, delivery, and competitive pricing. We welcome the challenge for your difficult components and pride ourselves in being a small machine shop that is family owned because it allows us to treat each customer as if they were our only customer. References are available for you upon request with our long-term clients to further assist you during your review of MGM, Inc. Please see below for our equipment list and we look forward to working with you! Midwest Gear & Machining, Inc. equipment list: 3 Mori Seiki CNC up to 20” Dia Capacity 1 CNC Mill Dewoo Gear Hobers Horizontal and Vertical Machines Gear Shapers up to 18” ID and OD and 5” face Internal and External Machines

Usimeca - Metalomecânica, Lda

Leiria, Leiria


USIMECA - Metalomecânica, Lda., Founded in 1988, is a company dedicated to the manufacture, trade, export and import of metalworking parts and mold structures.

With over 30 years of experience, the company develops precision components in both domestic and international markets for different sectors, including molds for plastics, glass and ceramics, aeronautics, steel and machine manufacturers.

Tran-Tec LLC

5.00 (3)

Columbus, Nebraska



Heat Sinks · Extrusions · Prototyping · Custom Designs · In-house Machining Since 1971 Tran-Tec has machined and anodized aluminum, turned steel, plastics and brass for the electronics industry and local clients. We've been helping design engineers, product developers and electronics manufacturers transform concepts into components, prototypes into products, problems into solutions. Prototype to production runs: We specialize in design and protoyping, but with our MAZAK Horizontal Mill we are capable and ready for large quantity runs as well. Outstanding quality, accuracy, consistency and economy-without compromise. Affordable prototyping Have an idea but need some help giving it shape? Our experienced engineers will recommend money-saving solutions and share concepts that can accelerate product development. And with our in-house machining capability, we can create your prototype quickly and affordably. In-stock Inventory We carry a large inventory of extrusions-from the ordinary to the hard to find. That means faster turnaround and the ability to adapt existing extrusions to meet your specifications-and your timeline. Custom designs From heat sinks to extrusions, from unusual materials to what-if configurations and special machining requirements-Tran-Tec is your first resource for creating something that's never been done before. Give us a shot at quoting your next project. You'll quickly discover that Tran-Tec provides responsive service, sound advice, unmatched quality, quick turnaround and a very competitive price.
Hammer Machine Works is committed to providing quality products and services. We draw from over 25 years of experience and expertise in the tool and die industry. Our goal is to achieve complete customer satisfaction. We strive to meet and exceed our customers' expectations.Hammer Machine Works, Inc. offers its customers a full line of tool die services, custom machining (CNC and conventional), machine development and machine shop services. Hammer Machine Works specializes in on-site consultation and collaboration to achieve success in the customer's project development. We are pleased to offer our customers overnight, off hours and weekend services as needed.

Rochester Gear Inc

5.00 (1)

Rochester, New York


Rochester Gear Inc is located in Rochester, New York, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Gears.

Tru-Machine Co.

4.33 (3)

Johnsburg, Illinois


Tru-Machine Co. is your full service machine shop, servicing all of your machining needs. Tru-machine uses a combination of state-of-the-art equipment, the most sophisticated computer software and a lifetime of machining experience to produce precision parts to meet your specifications. We specialize in CNC machined products, CNC milling and CNC turning, and CNC Swiss.


5.00 (2)



A.S PRECISION WORKS a Canadian Company workingwith highly experienced staff.A.S PRECISION WORKS INC. is a small parts specialist with focus on miniature machining and ultra precision, with capabilities to produce parts with turned diameter and length as small as 0.015". We even accommodate small runs with precision timing for orders that require a quick turnaround. We value the high expectations of all of our customers from start to finish and we work closely with all levels of personnel from Design and Engineering to Materials Management and Purchasing Departments, to ensure VALUE and ACCURACY. We are willing to provide you with a formal Quotation for all of your requirements on screw machine parts and Swiss type CNC machine parts. We let our manufactured products do the talking and cost savings is always at the top of the agenda. Type of Screw Machine Products: Automotive and Non-Automotive Parts Fittings, Rivets, Bushings, Insets, Hardware Industry, Custom Design Part. Type of Swiss CNC machine Products: Micro-Drilling, 7 Axis Machining, Milling and Turning, Screw, Swiss Turning, Knurling, Custom Stamping, Reaming. Other Services: Brushing, Chemical Cleaning, Deburring, Electro- polishing, Honing, Masking, Shot Blasting, Tumble- Finishing, Plating, Anodizing, Inspection. Materials Used: Steel, Stainless, Nitronic, Brass, Berrylium, Copper, Bronze, Tellurium Copper, All Aluminum Grades, Aluminum Bronze, along with Inconel, Invar, Kovar, Specialist Plastics and Titanium, Aerospace materials in various tempers. Our Machine List: Six oversize Davenport machines - With extended bed and stopping clutch - Swiss type C.N.C Machine - Other Machines Secondary Operations: Milling Machine (Production) - Tapping Machine - Drilling Machine - Tool Room Lathe - Deburring - Parts Washing Future Upgrade: CNC Milling Quality Control Equipment : - Deltronic MPC-4 Digital - Readouts optical comparator - Wilson Hardness tester - Pin gauges - Block gauges - Thread gauges - Microscope and other related measurement tools Strict quality control and complete traceability of materials, processes and supplies ensure that your parts are produced exactly to your specifications. We are serving reputed companies in the medical,defense, aerospace, automotive and consumer products.


BALIKESIR, Marmara Region


CMI Enggineering specilized in local manufacturing in mechanical parts, cnc milling and welding fabrication since 1998 located in Balikesir Turkey.

  • Stainless fabrication,
  • Steel fabrication
  • CNC milling turning
  • CNC sheet metal bending
  • Laser cut
  • Plasma Cut
  • Prototype manuctauring
  • mechanical electromechanical assemblies
  • hardware supply

White Hills Tool LLC

4.95 (20)

Monroe, Connecticut



White Hills Tool is a Small, Owner-Operated Machine Shop, Founded in 2001, With Over 40 Years Experience in Manufacturing. We Strive To Build Personal Connections With Our Customers To Ensure We Meet All of Their Specific Manufacturing Needs. White Hills Tool Can Provide Anything From Prototypes to Tooling to Production Runs. We Are Committed to Providing the Fastest and Highest Quality Work Possible to Secure Customers in Choosing Us for Their Manufacturing Needs. We Specialize in Label Printing Machinery!

Magnum Machining

3.00 (1)

Richmond, Illinois

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Magnum Machining was started in January 2003, with a vision of building complex multi dimensional parts as a core business. Hard work and dedicated people helped to bring Magnum to a Class A CNC machining facility that machines virtually any material and under many degrees of complexity. Our capabilities range from rapid prototype to small production runs. Today we are proud to say that we can build parts as small as a ballpoint pen to large machine parts fitting into a 40″ X 30″ X20″ envelope. As you browse though our web page, you will see our large geographical customer base which proudly places Magnum as a solid company for many years to come.

Witco Inc.

4.00 (1)

Avoca, Michigan


Witco Inc. , established in 1977, is a woman owned precision CNC contract manufacturer & job shop. We specialize in all aspects of the machining industry. Whether you need prototype, small quantities, large quantities, or a long-term supply with scheduled deliveries, Witco Inc. will work with you in any situation to provide the highest quality on time product. Witco Inc. is organized to respond quickly and accurately, from estimating through production to delivery.

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