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Machine-Pro Technologies

4.76 (21)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



Machine-Pro Technologies, Inc. is located at 1321 W Market St., Celina Ohio and was organized in 1994 as a modern CNC machine shop handling contract CNC machining of precision products for a variety of industries. Machine-Pro Technologies, Inc. brings together CNC machining service experience since 1975. The business not only does custom CNC production machining, but offers prototypes, welding, grinding, hard turning, assembly, as well as many other services. The founder and owner of the company is Tim Klosterman who has spent his entire working career in the machining trade. The owner of the company knows the value of providing the customer with high-quality products at a fair price. The company has invested a great deal of time, money, and equipment to attain its goal of ongoing improvement in the areas of quality and customer service. Machine-Pro Technologies, Inc. was certified for ISO 9001:2015 an international standard for quality in March 2016. Machine-Pro Technologies, Inc. is one of the first companies in the country to receive this certification under the new standard. This places us among the leaders in the industry. Machine-Pro Technologies, Inc. has grown to a mature CNC machining facility with 75 CNC machines to meet our customer's needs. Machine-Pro Technologies, Inc. has very high standards for quality and we value our customer's needs. Our customer base ranges from Aerospace, Medical, Material Handling, Automotive, Agricultural and many other industries. We would invite you to visit our website at to learn more about how we can help you meet your needs.

Fulton Technology

Mooresboro, North Carolina

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



Since 1999 we have been in the business of providing custom

solutions to a variety of customers across the manufacturing and

construction industries. In 2005 we incorporated as a Woman

Owned Business. Our goal is to offer high quality solutions, with

minimum lead times, while maintaining pricing that is competitive

and fair.


Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Since 2001, SATURNE TECHNOLOGY has confirmed its expertise as a RANG 1 supplier in the research, development and subcontracting of small, medium and large series in the fields of SLM metal additive manufacturing, laser welding, laser cutting, laser drilling and laser reloading, as well as in associated manufacturing processes such as grinding, 5-axis machining, EDM cutting as well as EDM drilling. Our team benefits from a solid experience of industrial partnerships, in particular in the fields of civil and military aeronautics, space, medical. Our solution approach reduces technological and financial risks for manufacturers, while taking advantage of the competitive advantages of these innovations such as the control of parts in tomography. Quality, price and deadlines are the priorities of SATURNE TECHNOLOGY.

Depuis 2001, SATURNE TECHNOLOGY a confirmé son expertise en tant que fournisseur de RANG 1 dans la recherche, le développement et la sous-traitance de petites, moyennes et grandes séries dans les domaines de la fabrication additive métallique SLM, soudage laser, découpe laser, perçage laser et rechargement laser, ainsi que dans les processus de fabrication associés comme la rectification, l’usinage 5 axes, la découpe EDM ainsi que le perçage EDM. Notre équipe bénéficie d'une solide expérience de partenariats industriels, notamment dans les domaines de l'aéronautique civile et militaire, du spatial, du médical. Notre approche de solution réduit les risques technologiques et financiers pour les industriels, tout en profitant des avantages compétitifs de ces innovations comme le contrôle des pièces en tomographie. Qualité, prix et délais sont les priorités de SATURNE TECHNOLOGY.

Christensen Precision

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Addison, Illinois

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Located in Addison, Illinois, we are a contract manufacturer able to produce parts made from ferrous and non-ferrous materials for prototype orders with short run turnaround times to full production runs while meeting all government commercial specifications. Since 1949 Christensen Precision Products has been able to deliver precision C.N.C. milling and C.N.C. turning parts as well as assemblies to the electronics Aerospace Defense department and all other precision industries economically and on time.

GTI Fabrication (Growtech Industries)

Buffalo, New York

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Operating out of a 120,000 sf fabrication facility, GTI Fabrication is ISO 9001:2015 certified and specializes in the design, engineering, fabrication, and deployment of custom modular structures, shipping container based structures, and custom metal fabrication. We serve multiple industries including DOD contractors, military, disaster relief, auto, medical, and commercial markets. All of our solutions are all built in-house at our factory in Buffalo, NY.

Our manufacturing capabilities range from CNC water jet cutting services, modular solutions for military training, live fire enclosures, living quarters, bathroom/shower units, expeditionary camps, medical facilities, water treatment, electrical/energy storage enclosures, and custom skid mounted solutions. We also specialize in the manufacturing of TAA compliant American Made ISO Certified shipping containers. 

Our team consists of 50+ professionals from fabrication and engineering to government and military. Our combination of expertise allows us to provide top quality solutions and customer service for various industries and missions.

Consolidated Machining, LLC

5.00 (1)

Douglasville, Georgia

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Consolidated Machining LLC is located in Douglasville Georgia. Building towards the future of manufacturing we bring the tools and fixtures to make industry 4.0 a possibility. We focus on great quality products that are engineered with automation at its core to save you money. Consolidated Machining has devoted all its efforts towards establishing an organization with an unmatched reputation in all types of contract machine work. As a result of this hard work, our services and products at Consolidated Machining has come to mean quick, precision machining at reasonable prices… on time delivery schedule… and sound fiscal responsibility. Consolidated Machining is a medium-sized facility with both manual and CNC machines which allows us to do small quantity work as well as high quantity production parts. We are focused on meeting and exceeding our customers requirements.

Siro s.r.o

Korna, Zilinsky Region

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


We are small family company providing our experiences in machining, water jet cutting, bending and welding.

TMT / Trans Machine Technologies

Winston Salem, North Carolina

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Trans Machine Technologies (TMT) is a Global Supplier of precision components to the Railroad, Mining, Automotive and Original Equipment Manufacturers in the USA, China and South America. Since 1996 TMT has launched over 200 projects for US Companies in China, Taiwan, Korea, South Africa and Malaysia. Our group of Engineers and Manufacturing facilities represent some of the best in the World. TMT South Carolina is Located in Greenville, SC while TMT Vietnam is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Our headquarters is located in Winston Salem, NC.

TMT is a fully integrated additive, subtractive and fabrication solutions provider including: Precision CNC Machining, Metal Fabrication, Iron Casting (Ductile and Grey), Aluminum Casting - High Pressure, Low Pressure, Gravity and Shell, Steel Casting - Resin Sand, Lost Wax and Investment, Forgings - Hot, Bearings, Metal Additive Manufacturing, & Steel Packaging.

We support our customers with our world class Sales, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Logistics, and Delivery services.

EFE Laboratories

Perkasie, Pennsylvania

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


With over 60 years of industrial and manufacturing experience, EFE is an established, solutions-based contract manufacturer. By collaborating with customers across diverse markets in pursuit of superior product design, development, and manufacturing services, EFE brings extraordinary expertise to its customers. We do this by relying on an industry-leading commitment to quality evidenced by our UL, ISO, IPC, and other certifications. From startups to the Fortune 500, EFE has proven its ability to deliver measurable value to organizations of any size.


5.00 (1)

Lansing, Michigan

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



SycamoreCNC is a wholly owned unit of Sycamore Technical Services, LLC (STS). STS started in 1992 to provide engineering, design, and build of complete mechanical systems with controls. We have since expanded into new and replacement control systems, control panel build, and on-site controls services. Our in-house experience machining our own parts & components and the need in the market for CNC services led us to formally open SycamoreCNC. We are fully capable of handling anything from individual part machining to full turnkey automation over a wide range of industries. The list of industries we have served includes but is not limited to screw machine shops, furniture, appliance, and transportation.

High-star Corporation

Westland, Michigan

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


High Star Corporation in Westland, MI is a Michigan Minority certified company with a Full Service manufacturing capabilities from design, engineering, complete machining and metal fabricating of Weldments, Brazed Assemblies, Stampings, CNC Machining, assembly and functional testing. 

High Star Corporation has acquired the other operations to expand its capabilities domestically, and internationally in providing value added supply chain products for chassis and steering components for agricultural, military, automotive and heavy industrial vehicles class 5-8 both in highway and off-road vehicles. 

Composite Motors, Inc.

Brooksville, Florida

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Founded in 1965.

Vertically-Integrated Sister Companies:

Composite Motors, Inc., Brooksville, FL

Composite Modules, Inc., Attleboro, MA

Design and Manufacture of Custom Electric, High-Performance Motors

In-House Lamination Processing & Stator Winding

Full Service Machine Shop

Microelectronic Manufacturing and Circuit Board Population

We Specialize in Hermetically-Sealed Enclosures, Made From Proprietary Material, Tested to Withstand Harsh/Extreme Environments.

Industries We Serve:

Medical & Veterinary


Military & Defense

Industrial Machines & Robotics

With a Commitment to Quality and High-Performance, We Ensure That We Meet and Exceed Our Customers Expectations.


5.00 (1)

Tampa, Florida

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


We are located in Tampa, Florida. At Cornertech, we are inspired to deliver unique manufacturing solutions for our customers. Whether it's metals or plastics, we go beyond simply making the product; rather, we partner with our customers to ensure optimal quality and performance is attained. Converting product concepts into tailored manufacturing solutions is what we's a passion of ours indeed and we are proud to do it right here in America! You deserve exceptional, high-quality manufacturing solutions...please allow us to serve you today!


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Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


KCI Waterjet provides cutting and fabrication services. Our capabilities include cutting virtually any material on our OMAX 120x Waterjet. Which allows not only large sheet sizes but can cut complex 3D parts provided by the A-Jet 5 axis cutting head. Accuracy is not lost with our large-scale capabilities; we are able to get part accuracy up to .005”. 

Some examples of materials cut: plastic, steel, aluminum, titanium, ceramic, copper, carbon fiber, foam, granite, rubber composites, glass, and more.

Along with our cutting services and our fabrication department we are able to take a project from beginning to end, providing a full-service experience. Our fabrication capabilities include metal forming, welding, pipe and tube bending, and finishing. 

Hood Tooling & Machine

Malvern, Arkansas

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


We are a Veteran owned and operated job shop located in Central Arkansas. We have over 40 years combined machining experience in our shop. We produce many different products from CNC machinery components to Agriculture equipment components. Our tolerance ranges we work in are from +/-.00025 to +/-.01. We would like the opportunity to help you with your machining needs.

maquinados Y tecnologia

Cd. Obregon, Sonora

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer






CM Welding & Machine

Midland, Texas

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


CM Welding & Machine was founded in 2006. 

From the beginning we have always tried to take a new different approach to fabrication and manufacturing in the oil & gas industry. We pride ourselves on our quality which is one of our main selling points and our ability to think outside the box to overcome any manufacturing obstacle.

We understand that time is money in the oil & gas industry which is why we utilize the manufacturing technology available to us in our 15,000 sq ft Midland, Tx facility to push out a quality product efficiently for our clients. Our pre-engineered, pre-fabricated approach to piping systems not only saves time and money but reduces risk to the client.

From one off piping to entire facilities prefabricated we can handle any piping fabrication needs in any alloy. We also manufacture a large variety of grooved, threaded and welded pipe fittings so we can offer our clients a one stop shop when it come to piping deign and fabrication

WCE Inc.

Newbury Park, California

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


World Class Electronics, Inc. is a fully automated electronics contract manufacturer specializing in surface mount and through-hole assembly. Material Control is accomplished utilizing an integrated MRP system supporting turnkey procurement of components to customer supplied AVL and allocation of customer consigned material. Top level integration assembly (box build) services are also offered. Certified manufacturing process and Quality System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015

J & B Machine

Greeley, Colorado

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


J & B Machine is a contract manufacturer, specializing in Machining and Fabrication value-add services.

As with any company who has been around for the better part of 3 decades, we have identified the most important asset we have, our team! This talented group of individuals is what has enabled J & B to stand the test of time, and build long-standing partnerships with our broad customer base. In order to do so, a team must be guided by a set of values. Our values came to us not by choosing words off a white-board in the conference room. But rather, by observing the daily interactions of our team both internally with each other & externally with our customers and vendors. Those observations defined what our team values:

  • Problem Solving
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Collaboration
  • Conscientiousness
  • A Growth Mindset

Guided by these values and utilizing the latest in manufacturing technology, J&B excels at adding value to every step of the manufacturing process.

Quoting: We pride ourselves in our DFM (Design for Manufacture) feedback. If our team sees the opportunity to reduce cost, our customer is the first to know. During the quoting process our team utilizes an ERP system which combines up-to-date material pricing as well as time studies accumulated from the manufacturing of hundreds of thousands of parts, ensuring the quote you receive is accurate & competitive.

Scheduling: Our ERP system converts quotes won into fully traceable job travelers, which follow your order from placement to shipment. This system allows full trace-ability on material certs, run reports, quality checks & COC’s (if necessary). Screens throughout the shop give our team real-time updates on scheduling and throughput figures, ensuring your job is completed on time.

Quality: Every job that is released to the shop floor is accompanied with specific, documented steps that outline the process that exact part will follow. Whether it is a structural cart in the fabrication shop, or a titanium breach cap on a CNC lathe; all steps require (backed with documentation) a first article inspection. Throughout the manufacturing of that specific component(s), samples are inspected and documented based off quality requirements from the customer. Once the part(s) is complete, a final inspection (if necessitated) is performed and documented before given the clear to ship. All of this is well documented in our quality manual, feel free to request a copy!




Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Thermotronic - Precision Machining Company.

Presently the company employs over eighty highly qualified workers in a two-shift system. Our customers are both foreign and domestic companies. Monthly we fulfil some 380 work orders, working on about 40,000 work pieces. Our customers represent various industrial fields: automotive, electro technical (engines, electro clutches) and machine manufacturing (pumps). Comprehensive production order management, processing and logistics is done with a MRP type software (Graffiti).

Thermotronic Sp. z o.o.

The main the strategy and policy of the Thermotronic Sp. z o.o, is high quality and professionalism in every action, by providing products and services that meet the expectations of our customers, thus ensuring their satisfaction. The basis of this strategy is acting in accordance with the provisions of the Quality Management System in EN ISO 9001: 2008. The Thermotronic Sp. z o.o. has certified Quality Management System in EN ISO 9001: 2008, which is constantly developed and improved in all its aspects. The company’s structure: • CNC Milling Department • CNC Lathe Department • Tooling Department which consists of: Conventional Machines Department (millings and lathes); Grinders Department and Deburring Department • Quality Control Department, • Technology Department, • Logistics and Administration.

Sioux City Foundry Co.

Sioux City, Iowa

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


For the last 150 years, Sioux City Foundry Company has been the complete source for all metal needs. Our 5 divisions allow us to be diversified while providing a full-service experience. We manufacturer to your specifications, to your needs and to your desires. Our Metal Casting, Structural Fabrication(Heavy Fab), Steel Service Center, Reinforcing Steel and Contract Manufacturing divisions all powered by experience and rich history allows us to provide a unique customer experience. From concept to finished product, you can be sure our family-owned and operated company will provide the best quality products and services! Visit our website or contact us today to get the manufacturing support you deserve!

Black Diamond CNC & Thermal R&D

Simi Valley, California

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


BWE Manufacturing Companies (Black Diamond CNC and Thermal Research and Development) offer manufacturing capabilities that service a range of industries with manufacturing needs. In business for over 35 years, the company continues to thrive by delivering high quality products and excellent service.

Our capabilities include CNC Machining, Mandrel Tube Bending, MIG and TIG welding, Stainless Steel Polishing, Aftermarket Automotive Exhaust Design and Production, Automotive Throttle Body Design and Production, Off-Road Top Design, as well as many other projects in this area.

If you have a project that you'd like us to help you produce please let us know how we can help.

Bau-Tec Industries Inc.

Linwood, Ontario

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Here at BAU-TEC INDUSTRIES in Linwood, ON, Canada which is located just west of Kitchener, ON, Canada we are a family run metal fabrication shop with 10 years in business that customizes in laser, shear and forming operations as well as small machining and welding projects. We offer our services to companies and assist in ongoing and new projects. Custom formed brake shapes whether it be steel, stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized, steel lintels and installation brackets for new window or door installations, I beams, mounting and reinforcing plates, steel stiffeners, machine enclosures and guards and numerous other projects. Our laser capabilities range from thin sheet to 1” thick plate with a plasma or waterjet option for over those thicknesses.  

Check out our Website for more info

McElwain Industries, Inc

5.00 (1)

Ottawa, Ohio

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


McElwain Industries, Inc. was established in 1983. We are a welding fabrication shop that prides itself in having a lot of in-house capabilities. We have laser, machining, welding, sand blasting and powder coat, all in one location. This makes taking care of our customer needs a true one-stop shop. We can control lead time and give true feedback on any part of your fabrication. 

Our staff is always ready for their next project. We can build directly to your print or help you come up with the final design to make your vision come true. We have Soildworks as our main 3D modeling software and great nesting software so we can import almost any manufacturing type drawing or model to make your parts as fast as possible and right to your print. We have helped several of our customers fine tune there parts to make them the best they can be and as cost effective as possible. In matter of fact, we have a few customers that trust us so much in our abilities and trustworthiness they send PO and prints, never asking for a quote. Knowing that we will be fair and honest with pricing eliminates headaches for them. Our family here at McElwain Industries likes to build long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Adding a laser and powder coat a few years ago has taken us to the next level. Our lead times went down; quality and consistency went up. We have multiple press brakes to bend sheet metal, this keeps us flowing well. We can turn a hot job in a hurry if and when needed. But don’t think sheet metal is all we do. We have built towers that once assembled reach a few hundred feet in the air. Made out a large I-beams and plate.

Thanks you for the interest in our company and we look forward to hearing from you and becoming part of your team. Any customer or potential customer is welcome to come in and take a tour of our facility. We are very proud of what we have built and have to offer. Please make an appointment.

World Class Manufacturing Group

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


World Class Manufacturing Group is a Precision CNC machine shop located in Weyauwega, Wisconsin. World Class was established in 1993. WCMG specialized in production manufacturing of precision parts. World Class has over 100 CNC machines and 80,000 square foot facility.

World Class capabilities ranging from sawing, lathe, and milling work. The shop is laid out with cell technology to improve efficiency and quality.

WCMG is 9001:2015 certified.

Industries Served:




Gas & Oil


Class A Trucking

Fire Suppression


Compressors and Pumps

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