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淄博德银五金交电销售有限公司 is a manufacturer based out of Asia that joined MFG in 2015. They specialize in 3D PrintingBlow MoldingCompression MoldingDie CastingEngineering & Design ServicesExtrusionsFabricationForgingGearsInjection MoldingInvestment CastingMachiningRotational MoldingSand Mold CastingSheet MetalSprings & Wire FormingStampingThermoformingTube ModificationWoodworkingTool, Die & Mold Making.


济南, 山东 (Shandong)



Kingstyle Metal Pigments Sciences & Technology Co. Ltd. is the professional production base of aluminum paste. The products have independent intellectual property rights, and its production technology is close to the leading level of the industry. The products have gained widespread recognition and compliment of customers and have been widely used in replace of imported products.

In strict accordance with ISO1247-1974 (E) and HG/T2456-93 standards, the company adopts raw materials, additives and solvents with high purity and high–quality, producing the aluminum paste with purity and a high–degree consistency. At the same time, with the assistance of the micro–detection equipment and more practical and reliable means of detection, the quality and the consistency are strictly controlled.                      

   The aluminum paste produced in the company can be widely used in motor vehicles and their accessories, motorcycles paints, bicycles paints, plastic paints, paint of ships, the roof paints, coil coating, ink and other fields.


杭州, 浙江 (Zhejiang)

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House


上海久茂国际物流有限公司 is a Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House based out of Asia that joined MFG in 2013. They specialize in Blow MoldingCompression MoldingRotational MoldingThermoforming.


郑州, 河南 (Henan)

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House


郑州升旺贸易有限公司 is a Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House based out of Asia that joined MFG in 2014. They specialize in .


广州, 广东 (Guangdong)

Textile Mill


爱帝·丹华服饰<广州》有限公司 is a Textile Mill based out of Asia that joined MFG in 2012. They specialize in Blow MoldingCompression MoldingDie CastingFabricationInjection MoldingInvestment CastingMachiningRotational MoldingSand Mold CastingSheet MetalStampingThermoformingTool, Die & Mold Making.


广州市, 广东 (Guangdong)

Textile Rep / Broker / Trading House


广东万德检测技术股份有限公司 is a Textile Rep / Broker / Trading House based out of Asia that joined MFG in 2012. They specialize in Blow MoldingCompression MoldingRotational MoldingThermoforming.


中山市, 广东 (Guangdong)

Garment Factory


高深服饰有限公司 is a Garment Factory based out of Asia that joined MFG in 2010. They specialize in .


苏州, 江苏 (Jiangsu)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Huafang Group Co., Ltd. is located in Tangqiao Town, south of Zhangjiagang, developed zone in the Yangtze's Delta, where it enjoys advantageous geography and economic environment: It is against the famous Zhangjiagang International Port and adjacent to Zhangjiagang Free Zone with No.204 National Hwy, Expressways crossing through. It is very near to Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, hence it owns prosperous development.

Woolen Spinning Weaving & Dyeing Co., Ltd. is one of backbones of Huafang Group with increasing benefit and larger scale yearly. It possesses 1.5 billion total capital, 8,600 staff, 120,000 woolen spindles, 628 imported rapier looms, integrated and imported dyeing and finishing equipments.

Our major products include: various full woolen and worsted woolen piece goods, all kinds of woolen spandex, 10N~150N woolen yarns, roving woolen fabrics, suits, etc. Our products are well sold to European-American, Australian, Middle East and Asian countries and regions and enjoy wide and high reputation. In China, they takes a good share of market: Guangzhou, Fujian, Wenzhou, Beijing, Dongbei, Northeast, Northwest regions, etc. The company keeps researching and developing new products yearly according feedback of market and customers. The company has developed new spandex woolen, single warp and weft female woolen series, worsted woolen thin series, iron-free and washable fabrics, finishing fabrics, etc. Our market competition is greatly strengthened with widely application of new products, new technology and new technique. The company annually produces 30 million meters woolen, 3,000 ton woolen yarns, 3 million pieces garment. Our year sales reaches 2.5 billion and ranks first in its field internationally.

The company always attaches importance to customer services and internal management and keeps improving quality and environment control systems according to ISO9001: 2000 and ISO14001: 1996 standards. For many

times, Huafang Brand Woolen was awarded as Quality Assured Products by state inspection organizations and Famous Brand as well. It's company's commitment to customers to develop satisfying and environment-friendly products for customers, which always guides the daily working.

The company emphasizes talents training. Each year, it keeps absorbing professionals and spends lots of money to organize all kinds of training classes to improve the whole quality of staff.

Things change quickly. Facing chances and challenges of world globalization, the company upholds its philosophy of “focus on customers to keep improving” to make great achievements again.