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??, ?? (Fujian)

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??????????? Dafeng City JINGDING Machinery Co. Ltd

, ?? (Jiangsu)

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Brief introduction of Dafeng City JINGDING Machinery Co. Ltd


Dafeng City in China is located in the coast of the Yellow Sea,is a national ecological demonstration zone,is a wild animal Milu,red-crowned crane Nature and nature,environmental protection has been the Dafeng City JINGDING Machinery Co,followed by the company and the pursuit of.


Dafeng City JINGDING Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 March, the company mainly engaged in design and manufacturing of mechanical products sales, the approved business scope includes: metal cutting machinery, general machinery, non-standard equipment design and manufacturing, environmental protection equipment, soil tillage machine, heat treatment equipment, machinery parts manufacturing, sales. At present, the main production: surface grinding machine, vertical rectangular table surface grinding, precision high speed pipe cutting machine tool, Super deep bore lathe, Belt type heat treatment furnace,machinery parts processing etc.


???? /KaShui manufactory Co., Ltd

Shenzhen, ?? (Guangdong)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



Founded in 1980, Ka Shui Group has 30 years of manufacturing experience in the die casting industry, specializing in the production of zinc , magnesium and aluminum alloy die casting components. Our products such as components for the 3C (Computer, Communication and Consumer Electronics), automobile and household industries are widely used in our everyday life. Because of the Group’s advanced production technology and superior product quality, it has earned the trust and support of an internationally renowned and diverse customer base.

One-Stop Solution with Core Competence in Die Casting
Offering a fully vertically integrated service that includes product concept development, engineering design, die design and manufacturing, die casting, CNC machining, surface treatment, assembly, packaging and final delivery, Ka Shui Group consistently satisfies the specific requirements of every customer. The Group also achieves optimal cost-effectiveness of its high quality products attributable to its versatile manufacturing capabilities in zinc, magnesium and aluminum alloys, and efficient operation model.

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