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China new century holding group

Hangzhou, ?? (Zhejiang)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


New Century Holding Group Co., Ltd is a large-sized group enterprise which integrates science, industry and commerce. It owns sixteen whole-capital enterprises and nineteen trading departments.To complete in all varieties,it sets up manufacturing industry,international logistics,finance assurance and international commerce and so on.Since its establishment in 1997,the CNC Group has set foot in various burgeoning business lines and gets a great success.Our factory has more than 10years manufacture experiences in machining and molding parts.


Xiamen, ?? (Fujian)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Wondrous Industrial Co., Ltd is by market-oriented, engaged in industrial supplies development and service. Our products cover electronic,electric power, industrial and machinery etc.We can provide to production and a full range of service from mould, plastic,metal,casting and so on according to customers demand. And there is professional design team with quality software and appropriate technology meet with customers demand, concept to reality, as well as we can improve according to production function,aspect, and configuration. Meanwhile, we can do OEM products and help to assembly. By the principles of Quality First and Customer Induced, we will never stop to get better quality.Our goal is to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers by providing the latest technologies and services available. By working to develop partnerships with our customers we can aid in optimizing product design and the manufacturing process for production.

New Era Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Jiaxing, ?? (Zhejiang)

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House


New Era Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House based out of Asia that joined MFG in 2007. They specialize in Compression MoldingDie CastingEngineering & Design ServicesExtrusionsFabricationForgingMachiningSheet MetalSprings & Wire FormingStampingTool, Die & Mold Making.

Longbow Trading USA, LLC.

Waverly, Iowa

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House


Longbow Trading USA, LLC coordinates manufacturing with Longbow China and delivers products for industrial and commercial use in standard and customized applications. Longbow Trading deals primarily in rubber, plastics, metals, and textile based products. We serve a large market base and aim to fill the needs of both large multi-national firms as well as small growing businesses. Our products are primarily manufactured in mainland China but our service and logistics management is United States based, so we offer competitive pricing with secure and fast delivery.


West Haven, Connecticut



SMA “Standard Manufacturing for America” is a U.S. Operations/ Overseas Manufacturing Company-American Marketing Consultant, Engineering Consulting/Quoting, Operations Manager, Warehousing and Logistics staff to handle all domestic forwarding.

Standard Manufacturer for America (SMA/Shuimin AG) is a privately-owned, USA based Marketing and China based Manufacturing Company. SMA integrates market exploration, research and development (R&D), production and after sales services to meet and surpass expectations of our valuable customers.

SMA/Shuimin AG was established to meet the need for cost effective Research and Development, Engineering, and Manufacturing initiatives in 1999.

SMA/Shuimin AG has been the leader in customized manufacturing and consulting. Our customers are from the automobile. aviation, medical equipment and devices, high precision components industries. To name a few of our loyal customers: Mercedes Benz, Boeing, Robotic Laboratory of Carnegie Mellon University.

Standard Manufacturer for America, SMA/Shuimin AG, and its associate group have over 55,000 employees to handle the manufacturing purchase orders from over the world. There are over 2000 technicians, senior engineers, senior management specialists and experts. Most of our plants meet the ISO9001:2000 set of quality standards and procedures. SMA/Shuimin AG is a model and a pioneer to help worldwide companies to cut their manufacturing cost, enhance their supplier chain, and improve their product quality.

SMA integrates market exploration, research and development (R&D), production and after sales services. SMA has an efficient logistics and sophisticated engineering infrastructure. Using its strong marketing power and excellent services in North America, SMA has established over 1 billion businesses ready to serve in 2005. SMA and its associate companies, have the most rapid R&D and production turnover. With the continuous growth and development, SMA has set up a systematic and rigorous procurement group with profound expertise, vigilance and multi-disciplined approach to quality control and project management for our global customers.

Standard Manufacturer for America, SMA/SHUIMIN Associate Group, is a constellation of manufacturing businesses. Its mission is to manufacture the high quality and low cost products for its worldwide customers.

Why can only SMA achieve this?

  • Enhanced SMA lean manufacturing procedures drop down our manufacturing cost considerably

  • 35 different sized and shops and plants with various specialty are optimized to complete each purchase order

  • 55,000 employees are scientifically managed and allocated to maximize their own capability and experience

  • 2000 technicians, senior engineers, senior management specialists and experts works in a free and dynamic team to fully use their creativity and talent to help our customer’s manufacturing problems

  • Quality standards and procedures such as ISO 9001:2000 are strictly followed in every step of SMA’s manufacturing process

  • Multi-language, multi culture and well trained SMA employees are the key for engineering communication, technical support as well as after sale services

  • Web based management system allows our plant manager, R&D engineer, materials expert, QC representative, logistics agent can work on the same database any time any where

  • Fast response: any request from our customer will be answered within 24/48 hours (domestic/international)

  • Quickest international and domestic forwarding: over 300 dispatch agents in US

  • Several warehouses distributed around from East coast to West coast are available for our customer’s safety stock

  • Online real time order tracking system help SMA customers to check their PO status any time any where

    At SMA, all of our group companies use CI methods such as Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Total Quality Management, or ISO 9000 series standards, emphasizing involvement and teamwork, evaluating and systematizing processes, reducing quality variations, defects. Furthermore, SMA group is intensively learning and following the SA8000 Standard. That is an auditable certification social accountability based on international workplace norms of International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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