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Advanced Machining Inc

Newberg, Oregon

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


The difference at Advanced Machining is our talent. Yes, we have late model CNC machines. But as a buyer, you want and need performance. This is our strength. Your satisfaction is possible only when all your needs are met, and met with no headaches. This is possible only with a top-notch organization like Advanced Machining that is fueled by journey-level teamwork.

Our business success rests with the fact that we recognize you, the customer, as an opportunity to excel. We tailor ourselves to fit your requirements, and we focus precisely on meeting or exceeding your expectations. This flexibility and commitment enables us to win new clientele while maintaining our loyal base. Our reputation has cemented long-term relationships. Jerry Peterson, EE., PA., with Hammer-Peterson Tech explains, “We spent months scouring the machining arena—trying to find someone who could deliver on our critical constraints. Since we found Advanced, I don’t waste my time looking anymore,”

Advanced Machining has been in business 11 years. Feel free to examine the enclosed brochure that illustrates a small sample of the myriad milled and turned parts that demonstrate our craftsmanship. At Advanced Machining, we wish to win your confidence, machine parts for you, and earn your repeat business.

Most importantly, however, I want to hear back from you, even if it is just a short note. Our growth depends on your success, ideas, and optimism. Let us prove ourselves to you, your project and your firm.

I welcome you to ADVANCED MACHINING.

Advanced Machining & Technology

Lynchburg, Virginia

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Advanced Machining & Technology is Based in Lynchburg, Virginia. We provide precision machined parts for the United States and Canada.


We take great pride in being a such a diverse company. Our services include a wide varitey of industrial manufacturing such as Nuclear power systems, Robotic systems, Under water camera equip, Military radar deflecting devices, Pharmaceutical equip., Balancing machinery, canning, food processing machines and conveyor equip. We are highly knowledgeable in machining exotic alloy's such as Inconel, Titanium, Rene, Hastelloy, Incoloy and Beryllium copper ect. plastics, vespel, peek, torlon and sinclair resin. Stainless steels, tool steels, carbon steels, bronze, brass and all aluminum alloys.


Our cnc programming is all done with the latest Feature cam software and is upgraded on a yearly basis to ensure todays technology is at our fingertips. Our CNC department constist of four machining centers and three turning centers with bar feeders and also a full scale manual/cnc assisted department. We have a totally equipped Quality control department with a total recall system for all the necessary calibrated gaging and equipment, including Starret Apogee coordinate measuring machine (CMM) with Crenshaw Probing System' that supplies printouts of finished components to ensure accuracy within .0002. Optical comparators, bore gages, thread gaging equipment ect.


Advanced Machining & Technology Where QUALITY goes in before PARTS go out!

Advanced Precision Mfg., Inc.

Douglasville, Georgia

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


APM, Inc. is a full service CNC Machining facility conveniently located near Atlanta, GA. We utilize the latest technologies in our processes to ensure our customers the highest quality components and assemblies at an affordable cost. Our team cuts no corners and takes great pride in our capabilities and offering. We are continously striving to improve our service and product offering and are more than willing to adapt to the demands of the market.

We are in the process of becoming ISO certified and are currently offering compliance documentation to customers with that requirement. Industries served range from commercial airlines to major agricultural and construction equipment manufacturers. We welcome new challenges and strive to treat our customers as we would prefer to be treated ourselves. References and customer list available upon request.

Aero-Safe Technologies Inc.

Fort Erie, Ontario

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Aero-Safe Technologies Inc is located at Fort Erie, Ontario Canada in a 25,000 SQ Ft temperature controlled facility which employs (50) Skilled Trades, Engineers & Management with an In-house Apprenticeship Training Program.

Aero-Safe has been manufacturing high reliability complex geometric components with extremely tight tolerances & surface finishes, providing manufacturing solutions to the Aerospace & Defence, Life Support, Satcom & Optical Industries.

Aero-Safe specializes in manufacturing Life Support Oxygen Regulators, Missile Pneumatic Actuators, Deployment Systems & Pressure Vessels, Microwave Switch & Multiplexer Components.

All Phase Fabrication

Allendale, Michigan

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


All Phase Fabrication (APF) has been in business since 2000. Our facility is small and personal. We mainly serve the foam insulation industry, building special equipment for our customers but are quickly expanding into other areas of opportunity. Materials we work with include; aluminum, steel, plastics, laminates, plexiglass, wood, fiberglass, etc. We will work with just about anything as long as it’s not hazardous. Our equipment consists of mills, lathes, drill press’, saws, welders, grinders, presses and CNC equipment. As APF is a small company, I think our niche is custom and unique fabrication. I am not much for blowing my own horn but I am creative and can foresee the bigger picture of a product and am quick to make suggestions for my customers. We have had people walk in with an idea of what they would like to accomplish and we can usually come up with a solution that works and build it for them, whether it is a special machine or small tool to do a special task. One of our motto’s is: “If you can break it, we can make it. Nothing’s impossible; it just takes a little longer.” APF experience includes general & special machining, grinding, special tools, prototyping, jigs, fixtures, small – large progressive dies,line dies, die tryout and welding all metals; mig, tig, arc, gas and plasma cutting. Value added services that make APF stand out from the rest comes with the fact that we are small and personal and focus is on our customers. We are personal and versatile. With a warm welcome we are quick to find solutions to meet customer needs, thus, retaining long-term relationships. I, Dan Jansen (owner), have been in this business for 30 years – the list of unique challenges I have encountered seems endless … but, you can bet your bottom dollar, I can get the job done! Greatest accomplishment: Building my own house and doing all the finish work as well. A particularly difficult component: I developed the tool and equipment for the L’il Sucker and Scarfmaster, which you can check out at: Please look to All Phase Fabrication for all of your fabrication needs!

Anita Machine & Tool, Inc.

Lafayette, Indiana

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


We have over 60 yrs combined experience here at AMTI. Our company was established in 1998 with a Quality Assurance Program based on ISO9001/TS16949 standards. We specialize in CNC as well as maual machining- wire edm- surface grinding-sawing. Our company is committed to being the best, and offering the very best in precision machining.WE ARE WHAT WE REPEATEDLY DO. EXCELLENCE, THEN, IS NOT AN ACT, BUT A HABIT. (ARISTOTLE) Celebrating 10 Years in Business!! Here at Anita Machine & Tool, Inc. we believe in striving to not only meet, but exceed our customers' expectations. Each & every project we do will be done to the customers satisfaction.

Anthracite Welding

Summit Hill, Pennsylvania

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Anthracite Welding, established 1985, has doubled in size over the 23 years and is now housed in a 20,000 sq ft job shop with 24 employees. We are small enough to respond to your needs immediately, yet large enough and with enough technological and human resources to get your project completed on your schedule.

Our experience varies from structural steel & plate work, to complex weldments & machinery to simple angle clips, all done with the utmost care to detail and workmanship.

We specialize in a wide variety of work including:

  • Production and prototype fabrication in steel, aluminum, and stainless steel
  • Pipe welding
  • Shearing (10’x 3/8’’)
  • PLASMA Shape cutting 8'x 20' table x 1-1/2""th
  • Plate rolling (10’x1/2’’)
  • Sheet rolling (6”x10 ga.)
  • Angle rolling (5”x5”x1/2”) (channel 8"" x 3"")( sq tube 3 1/2"")
  • Certified welding asme/aws, stick, mig, tig & submerged arc
  • Machining
  • Pipe bending (4”sch 80)
  • Painting
  • Sandblasting
  • Powder coating

We look forward to meeting your diverse custom manufacturing needs.

Apex Wire Products Co. Inc.

Franklin Park, Illinois

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Argo Spring Mfg. Co. Inc.

Norwalk, California

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


ARGO SPRING MANUFACTURING CO. is a leading supplier of Springs, Metal Stampings, Wireforms, Fourslide Products and Assemblies. We have served businesses throughout the United States for more than 35 years. Our customers range from Commercial, Industry, Major Aerospace to direct Military agencies. Our 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility is located in Norwalk, California – the greater Los Angeles area. ARGO SPRING engineers and manufacturers formed metal and wire products with new computerized equipment. Our capabilities range from .003 to 1.00 inch diameter material. Exotic materials such as Titanium and others are also commonly used. We regularly perform secondary operations such as riveting, tapping, hardware insertion, threading, brazing and all types of welding. Think of ARGO SPRING if your product requires multiple operations. Whether your requirement is complicated or simple, you can be confident in making ARGO SPRING your single source vendor.


Boynton Beach, Florida

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Established in 1985, Arvalda Corp. provides contract manufacturing, formed, cast, machined,and welded metals. Other capabilities include, but are not limited to, turn key and/or prototype metal components, and custom engineered metal components. Many of our customers come to us because of our ability to think out of the box when faced with a tough part. We do this while respecting your constraints in terms of time to market, cost, and your ISO, QS, or TS requirements.


  • Investment Castings - All air melt alloys
  • Die Casting - Zinc up to 6 pounds, Aluminum up to 15 pounds
  • Sand Casting - Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Grey and Ductile Iron, Steel
  • Permanent Mold - Zinc and Aluminum
  • Lost Foam
  • Centrifugally Cast Stainless and High Temp Alloys Up to 35"" OD
  • Forgings - We provide open die forgings in most alloy and tool steels, nickel alloys, titanium and aluminum. *Rings up to 48"" diameter * Disks up to 38"" diameter* Round Bars up to 12"" diameter * Blocks up to 24"" cross section.
  • Stampings/Sheet Metal

  • Progressive Die Stamping - Including deep drawing and coining operations. Complete in house tool building capability.
  • Photochemical Machining - Able to produce burr free parts from materials as thin as .0005"" without producing dies. Turnaround time as short as 24 hours in some cases.
  • CNC Turret press/Press Brake Fabrication - A popular technique for box builds, we provide complete parts including hardware insertion and finishing.
  • 4 Slide Stamping/Wireforming
  • Laser Cutting
  • Waterjet Cutting
  • Fabrication/Assemblies

  • Weldments - We employ conventional MIG and TIG welding for lower volumes, as well as, fully fixtured robotic welding for higher volume components.
  • Aluminum Dip Brazing - The answer for complex assemblies requiring high structural integrity. Chassis operating in challenging RF or EMI environments, as well as complex waveguide assemblies are common applications. Brazing to AWS C3.7. Certified Welding to Mil-W-8604.
  • Mechanical Assemblies - Make your assembly challenge ours. We coordinate and procure the bill of materials, assemble, and package to your specification.


  • CNC Milling - Up to 80""x40"" bed size, 5 axis capability
  • CNC Turning - Up to 20"" diameter swing, 30"" workpiece length
  • Swiss Screw Machine - From .015"" to 1.125"" diameter, tolerances as tight as +/- .0002
  • Conventional Screw Machine - Single and Multiple spindle up to 2"" diameter. Secondary drilling, broaching
  • Prototyping Services Available
  • Other Processes

  • Aluminum Extrusions - Up to 9"" circle size. Tolerances can be held as tight as half of Aluminum Association standards. We specialize in providing finished parts, including milling, drilling, piercing, and finishing.
  • Powdered Metal - Bronze, Stainless, and Iron alloys. We provide powdered metal components in volumes as low as 10,000 pieces per year which are ordinarily shunned by the rest of the industry.
  • Tube Fabrication - Cutting, bending, swaging, punching, and machining are just a few of the operations we perform on a variety of materials.
  • Metal Injection Molding - A relatively new technology capable of producing small very intricate components in high volumes. This is primarily a stainless-based process.

    Please feel free to visit us on the web at: or e-mail us at:

  • Astro Tool & Die Co Inc

    Cudahy, Wisconsin

    Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


    Since 1965, customer service has been the cornerstone of our business.  Astro Tool & Die prides itself on exceeding customer expectations.  Whether we are a customer’s one stop shop for die design, building and repair, metal stamping and finishing, prototyping, reverse engineering or custom packaging, Astro Tool & Die constantly adjusts to be everything our customers need.


    Astro Tool & Die knows you don’t take your customer’s needs for granted, and neither do we.  Some people still believe “just in time” is an option for the future, but you know that it’s a necessity, especially in the increasingly competitive world market and so do we.  To keep pace with your surges in demand, Astro Tool & Die will monitor in-house product supply via computer on a daily basis.  We’ll continually coordinate all subcontract and secondary operations to ensure delivery.  Just in time.


    In today’s one chance, competitive business environment, you can’t afford to stand still; so neither do we.  Astro Tool & Die changes constantly, because what is sufficient on Tuesday may not cut it on Thursday.  We continually look for and learn new innovative and increasingly more efficient methods of manufacturing, to reduce your costs and keep pace with the latest technologies.


    Astro Tool & Die prides itself on our quality of work and on exceeding our customer’s expectations.  We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company because at Astro Tool & Die, we understand that the latest standards of quality are just as important as having the latest methods of manufacturing.  When we stay on top of the latest technology and quality standards, it makes your job that much easier.  Be sure to let Astro Tool & Die give you a quote today and let us show you what we can do for you!

    Beijing Jurende Co., Ltd.

    Beijing, ?? (Beijing)

    Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House


    We, Beijing Jurende Co., Ltd. engage in manufacturing and exporting the parts which are used in construction machinery and automobile industry. Our products catalog includes rubber hoses, stamping parts, plastic and rubber products, aluminum parts, magnesium profiles, etc. With enriched experience, honesty, serious and positive working attitude, we have established very good relationship with our clients. We are pretty sure that the win-win situation will be created through our mutual efforts.

    Beijing Washa Technology & Trade Co. , Ltd.

    Beijing, ?? (Beijing)

    Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


    Beijing Washa Technology & Trade Co.,Ltd. is a fresh, vivid and ambitious enterprise located in Beijing Fengtai Astronaut City, providing product sales and service while doing research and product manufacturing itself. Making use of its space technology advantage, the enterprise mainly developed the electrostatic powder coat machine and spray equipment,spray numbers machine, oil/ gas spray guns for furnace and some traffic sign products. For six years,our company places the long range supply on machine work, like lathing, milling, locks, wire cutting, weld, panel beating and assembly business externally. We have a strong work force with the strength of modern technology and often machine some parts for space shuttle or medical devices for orthopedic. The pricing is competitive and thorough service is second to none. New and old customers are always welcomed. Orders can be checked by phone or in person. Pursuing the purpose of ""Learning for a lifetime and managing with wisdom, we value moral character of the person and honor clients"". The enterprise strives to provide our customers with quality products and service.

    Bending Technologies

    Eden Prairie, Minnesota

    Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


    Bending Technologies, Inc. has been fabricating metal parts for over 50 years. Our depth of knowledge and progressive approach to the market allows us to find creative solutions to tough problems. Our manufacturing team is expert at eliminating obstacles to your quest for high quality, low tolerance parts We have many long tenured employees due to our low turnover rate. Our employee’s cross-train and can manage multiple tasks. In addition, we have experience managing Kan Ban, or similar, programs for our customers. Tube bending of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum is our core business. Our equipment includes CNC tube benders, manual tube benders, manual welders, robotic welders, high speed cut offs, trim saws, mills, and drill presses, housed in our 35,000 square foot facility. We follow military standards: Inspection – I-45208A and Calibration – 45662A, and closely follow ISO standards. Our service, quality, and flexibility are superior to our competitors. We have extensive experience with frame related products, fluid transfer, skid loader style vehicles, and dramatic success with fitting tight tolerance tubes into castings. In addition to these manufacturing capabilities, we have provided design assistance, special delivery programs, and cost reduction partnerships. We have produced many high volume, geometrically close tolerance items. Specifically, fitting tubes into castings. We provide value added services with finishing and light assembly. We run 98%+ on time delivery. We have had rejected parts but these are normally caught at our facility before shipping. We are owned by a large and stable conglomerate that backs us up and lets us focus on our core business, tube bending. We serve agricultural, medical, fluid transfer, recreational products, furniture, and industrial equipment markets.

    Best Package Co., Ltd.

    DongGuan, ?? (Guangdong)



    Our company was established in TaiWan in 1997. And the other factory was found in DongGuan,Guangdong province in China in 2002.""Best Package"" started the production and sale of oilless bearings and fabrication product. As a world leader in the industry of machine parts manufacturing, Best Package is continuously growing. Best Package boasts of having the highest production volume in the world. Best Package is supported by customers worldwide. In response to the global expectations, Best Package began to establish production sites abroad at an early stage of its development.
    Best Package is not just a production facility with the mission to manufacture products. It also has its own independent technology development team. Under the base of thorough quality management and flexible business strategy, it is well on the road of development. Best Package has been in business for over 11 years. Its current production volume is 45% of the overall Best Package group production volume. It is not only the leading producer of domestic powder, but is also the No. 1 production facility in Southeast Asia.

    All the products produced by Best Package, such as automobile and motorcycle parts, computer peripherals, OA machines, AV machines, and 3C etc. parts, are widely used in industries all over the world. With the recent advancement of automation and computerization, the industry demands mechanical parts that are highly accurate, highly precise, and of very high quality. Compactness will also be demanded on the market in the future.

    Best Package not only insists on maintaining a production system that aims at achieving a balance between quality, price and delivery, but also, in response to the needs of our customers, we continuously carries out research and development in new technologies for even higher quality.

    Better Wire Products Inc.

    Buffalo, New York

    Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


    Since 1952, Better Wire Products has been providing quality wire and sheet metal products. We have a large, world-wide customer base with many long lasting relationships. BWP is a fabricator, designer and manufacturer for converting wire, strip-steel and tubing into finished components. Our East Coast, and main facility, is located in Buffalo, New York. Our West Coast affiliates are located in Stanton and Garden Grove, California. With over a half-century worth of experience, BWP has provided proven expertise in many industries like Agriculture, Commercial Construction, Automotive, Displays and Sinage, and Industrial Manufacturing. We pride ourselves on quality parts at an affordable price. Most of our repeat business has been with us for 30+ years. Inspection reports available upon request; PPAP (Production Part Approval Process). We look forward to partnering with you, please contact us TODAY for a free quote.

    Bos Innovations Inc

    Dorchester, Ontario



    Bos Innovations is a full service custom automated machinery manufacturer. We also provide low to medium quantity tooling production in our CNC toolroom. Automated Machinery ---Factory Automated Machinery Flexible Pallet Conveyor Systems, Dial Table Assembly Systems, Walking Beam & Servo Indexing Conveyors, Semi-Automated Operator Stations, Systems Integration & Custom Innovative Solutions, Turnkey Machine Retrofitting. ---Robotics Applications: Palletizing & Depalletizing, Machine Tending, Welding, Assembly, SCARA. Specialties: Vision Guidance, End of Arm Tooling, Integration to other Automation. ---Automated Welding Cell Design: Robotic or Gantry Laser Welding Cells, Robotic MIG Cells, Pedestal Resistance Welding (robotic if necessary). Fixture Design: various materials, repeatable clamping and postioning, ergonomic detail, integrated sensing/cabling, Integration onto off the shelf weld cells, fully detailed Solidworks 3D CAD. Machining As required for our machine building functions, we have a fully equipped CNC tool room. At Bos Innovations we have maintained our equipment so that we have the capability to do some of the finest work. Whether the job is on a CNC Lathe, CNC Mill, Surface Grinder, Manual Mill (horizontal or vertical) or Manual Engine Lathe we have the capability to get your work done and hold the tight tolerances that you need at the speed you require. In 2007 we have added a new CNC Lathe, a new knee mill, and a freshly rebuilt 21x100 Clausing Colchester Mastiff engine lathe, in 2008 we added a large capacity CNC Bed Mill. This growth is steady and consistent due to our dedication to the highest level of quality. With engineering staff in house and up to date auto cad and solid works software we can quickly go from concept to finished part while maintaining a level of quality that you expect. We have a highly skilled and dedicated group. Our people make our shop a top quality and top service shop. Our customers have been satisfied for over 15 years with our work here at Bos Innovations. See our website for more details about above machinery as well as for MANUAL WORKSTATIONS, FIXTURES, AND PRODUCTION ACCESSORIES such as manual assembly workstations, test fixtures, welding fixtures, and other production accessories.

    Bridgestone Co, Inc

    Wheeling, Illinois

    Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


    For nearly 40 years, Bridgestone has provided high-precision metal products to many companies in a variety of markets and industries. Our experience, engineering expertise, and state of the art CNC equipment, combined with our dedication to quality and efficiency at all stages of fabrication, make us the outstanding supplier of precision machined components and assemblies. Automation throughout the manufacturing process means our operators have only one responsibility - quality. Statistical analysis is an integral part of our manufacturing process ensuring that parts always meet specifications. Our Dock-to-Stock reliability means that our parts can be incorporated into production without costly and time consuming incoming inspections. We have extensive experience in the following markets and industries: Hydraulics and Pneumatics Electronic Components Engine Components and assemblies Hand tools Office Equipment Agricultural/Contruction Equipment Medical Dental Aerospace


    Riviera Beach, Florida

    Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


    BTI is a manufacturer of parts, assembilies, and tooling for industries such as aerospace, medical, and alternative energy. BTI has CNC milling and turning (up to 12 ft long) capabilities. The facilitiy also includes a 5 axis waterjet machine with a work area of 12 feet x 8 feet and 2 wire EDMs with a work height of 16"". Welding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals is performed in conformance with AWS standards. The company is located in a new 24 foot ceiling facility with a 12,000 sq ft. manufacturing area. BTI is ISO 9001 and AS 9100 certified company.

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