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Les OLMES, Rhône-Alpes

DAHER-SOCATA (Cornebarrieu)

Cornebarrieu, Midi-Pyrénées




上海, 上海 (Shanghai)



1. Capacity: 1-2-3 ML to 5 ML - 1-2-3-25-30-50 ML - 100-150-180-200-180-250-280-375 ML - 440-480-500-750-1000 - ML 500-750-1000-10 to 15 litres - 20 liters

2. Material: white - high - white - glass material

3. The mould: available starting another mold custom (patent)

4. The quantitative: 10000-20000-3000000

5. Related accessories: alumina cover + cover + glass lid + tin lid + aluminum + plastic wood lid (cover) different demand of different

6. Surface decoration: can roast flowers, gold, silver, frosting, sandblasting, engraving, etc

7. Method of packaging: carton # spacer packing tray + + compile bag (free)

8. Delivery time: 22 working days

9. Payment terms: 30% deposit in advance, time of delivery (patent customized bottles of the 50% balance remaining due under the deposit paid) Calls discuss!!!!! linlang (Shanghai) glass products co., LTD

Our production capabilities do not end at producing glass bottles. We offer additional services such as silk screening, frosting, embossing, custom glassware and packaging and warehousing solutions.

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