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Utena, Utena Region


AB “Umega” – that’s of two in 2004 amalgamated Lithuanian industry leaders AB “Utenos elektrotechnika” and AB “Umega” company. Company was established in 1960 in Utena. Here are two subdivisions: Electrotechnics department and Agricultural machinery department.
Electrotechnics department design and produce laboratory and industry electric furnaces, gas furnaces, high - temperature thermo insulation material, electric had dryers, storage constructions and metal furniture, 20l volume jerry cans.
Agricultural machinery department design and produce agricultural machinery, logging and way machinery, heating equipment, school furniture and various metal constructions.
Since company foundation is beginning to give much attention to technology at the same time improving the products. The company has equipment for metal cutting, bending, turnery, milling, rolling, powder coating and for other metal treatment operations. Our manufacturing products reflect the adaptation for the markets alterations and for individual customers requirements. Our products are designing with new program equipment and high qualification workers; the products are from high quality materials using new technologies. That stipulates company’s products high quality, reliability and steadiness.
Companies products are certificated according Russian and Belarusian accord certificates and activity is evaluated by Bureau Veritas Quality International ISO 9001:2000 certificate. This quality system can to research and abolish contravenes products beginning reasons. These reasons are removing, that contravenes will not be repeated, and all pretensions through quality are registering, analysing, searching for solutions and controlling their implementations. The quality managements systems supporting benefit sensed not only company’s workers, but and their customers and partners.
Company has a strong intellectual potential for involved project pursuing, is dynamic, inculcates technologies and managements innovations, makes the new products continually, improves the customer’s service. In this time in AB “Umega” work 320 high quality workers. All company’s workers reach general purpose – to produce and supply for customers high quality products. So, the looking for productions quality is concurrent company’s activities part. Each worker is responsible for quality’s politics implementation, and the continual instruction of workers, audit, equipments and instruments service, revise and other procedure ensure that the manufacturing productions will conform to customers requirements. With this purpose the company do the inquests, in which’s is interesting if the customer is pleased with our products, what he desire, what he want to change and etc. This kind inquest results are analysing and that assisting the company’s activity to turn for proper direction. The knowing of customer’s requirements is the necessary condition for it contenting. 
AB “Umega” our large part of productions exporting to foreign counties markets (about 90 %). The primary customers of company are from Russia, Belarus, Denmark, Ukraine, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Kazakhstan, Finland and etc. In Lithuanian markets company selling about 10 % of our productions.
AB “Umega” has two daughter companies. The first is in Russia, it’s OOO “SNOL – Term”, and other – in Ukraine, it’s OOO “Termochim”. They are successfully consolidated in locals markets and represent for company interests. Besides, the company has much business partners in various world countries: Denmark (Alcon), Holland (Groenewold), Germany (Termoconcept), Austria (Hofmann), USA (The Grieve Corporation), Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The company pursue the search of business partners as in Lithuania, as in foreign countries constantly.
In future AB  “Umega” expect to reach 50.000.000 Lt. annual money turnover, not less like 5.000.000 Lt. annual profit, to increase quantity of workers till 500, to create disposed conditions, that the company can to give the pay better as in Lithuanian metal treatment companies average pay.

Shenzhen Jiuyuan Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen, ?? (Guangdong)


With over 10 years of experience in hardware and electronic components, Shenzhen Jiuyuan Co., Ltd is sure to be the first choice for your sourcing need. Partner with us, you are able to enjoy various services, such as pressing, molding, CNC processing, and other process procedures. By sea, land, and air, we can deliver to you faster than other competitors can.

With strong R&D team, we are able to maintaine stable relationship with over 30 clients from North America, Europe and Asia. Among them, Logimex and Flintec are top our client lists. The sales turnover can jump to $80 million this year from $50 million in 2008.

We have laid profound foundation based on quality products and immediate response service. With 2D, 3D, projectors, color cards and measuring tools, our QC members conduct complete QC procedures including IPC, IPQC and O/F QC to ensure quality products.

Using CNC machine, stamping machine, injection machine, aluminum/magnesium die casting machine, lathe machine and EDM machine bought from AIDA, ELITE and Komatsu, our dedicated members are starting volume production in our factories covering over 20,000 square meters. Nowadays, we can produce ten million stamping, five million casting parts, six million CNC parts, five million injection parts in one month.

For more information, contact us today.

Wann Tay Machine Factory Co., Ltd

Tainan, T'ai-wan



Quality products with competitive prices ISO 9001:2000 Ref: T2002-262 Company Profile WANN TAY located in Tainan, southern part of Taiwan, is established since 1972. WANN TAY is recognized and reputed as one of the most professional experienced and leading company specialized in manufacturing high-end aluminum frame, ski pole, hiking staff, paintball guns and other sporting goods in aluminum, in Taiwan. Goal of Factory Wann Tay’s goal is to accept the challenge other manufactures can’t do and to reevaluate whatever feels too familiar. The result is a line of products that represents a highly uncompromising quality from the ordinary affordable prices. Advantages of Factory Wann Tay has one of the longest history of immense resources in the Taiwan marketplace. They have been impressed in using their advantages to maintain high reputation for low prices. In addition to that edge, hiring the best engineers you can find, and providing the most advanced technology you can get, are the major factors contributed to their success. Quality Assurance Wann Tay has developed a Total Quality Control (TQC) procedures for mass productions. From IQC and IPQC to FQC, and from stamping to CNC extrusion, each individual product has its own standard quality control guidelines. We are a certified ISO 9001:2000 company. The reference number is T2002-262. Quality Products with Competitive Prices Using light-weight aircraft aluminum alloy, focusing on high quality, zero defects, satisfaction guaranteed policy and most of all, devotion to reasonable prices earn us a pivotal position in the sporting goods market. We are certain that we will be able to meet your expectation. Your interest in our products will be rewarded by the best quality, guaranteed competitive price, shortest lead-time and will assist you to access a leading position in this market.

Orion Industries Ltd.

Chicago, Illinois

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Orion Industries Ltd. is a licensed Teflon® applicator who applies a wide range of functional coatings on metal, plastic, rubber, and glass parts. We are highly automated and are capable of processing high-volume, tight-tolerance or masking applications as well as prototyping one or two pieces. Dimension Bond Corporation is our micron-accurate coating division where we apply the above-listed coatings as well as our in-house developed composite bearing materials. Dimension Bond Corporation is ISO-9001:2000 Registered.


Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


We are looking to provide you with specialized service and quality assurance in all of your request, further more, “WE WANT TO BE PART OF THE SOLUTION, NOT PART OF THE PROBLEM” MAQUINADOS SANTOS is a family own business founded in 1990. Our facilities are located just across the border from El Paso Texas; we have been manufacturing quality industrial parts for companies located in Asia, USA and Europe. Automotive, Medical, and electrical companies turn to MAQUINADOS SANTOS for contract manufacturing of products that meet their rigid requirements for quality. Our expertise with advance machining processes is unmatched. The wide range of processes we offer provides customers with capabilities they won’t find anywhere else. Numerous, complex operations can be done under one roof. The scoop of our operations includes a variety of advance methods, with exceptional process control and production oversight. MAQUINADOS SANTOS is one of the leading Machine Shops in Mexico, our equipment includes: • CNC Machining centers • CNC Lathes • Milling machines • Grinding machines • Etc. Our company is in the process of being certify in ISO 9001:2000 International quality system; we can provide all sorts of quality and low cost machining services for you. • WANT TO DISCUSS A PROJECT? • HAVE A QUESTION? • NEED MORE DATA? Plese send us your RFQ's and someone will be in touch with you within 24 Hrs.

Motto Machining Solutions

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


As a precision CNC machine shop, Motto Machining Solutions provides contract machining services to companies that purchase manufactured parts from outside sources. We specialize in custom product machining that requires CNC turning and CNC milling. We supply a broad cross section of industries with both prototype and production machined parts. The valve, power transmission, food processing and medical industries are just a few that we serve. Our contracts are tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Our commitment to quality, scheduling and pricing make us ""a cut above"" other job shops.

KEHAI Aluminum Products Co., Ltd.

Fujian, ?? (Fujian)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Kehai Aluminum Co., Ltd of Putian which is a large manufacturer and supplier of various Aluminum profiles with an annul production of 15, 000 tons..Currently, we obtain latest technology which process 5 advanced extrusion production lines, 2 top-grade powder coating production lines imported from Swiss, 1 electrophoretic painting production line and 1 anodizing production line imported from Taiwan.Our products cover a large scope, more than 200 series and 5000 specifications

Beijing Jurende Co., Ltd.


Distributor of Industrial Products


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