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3-D Precision Machine Inc.

2.00 (1)

Temecula, California


In our women owned machine shop we use a wide variety of high quality materials, like aluminum, stainless steel and plastics. Our machine shop has the ability and expertise to have manufactured parts coated, plated or precision-cleaned in accordance with customer requirements. In addition, our resources allow; quick turnaround, flexibility, competitive pricing, prototyping, short runs, production runs and detailed inspections that meet MilSpec requirements.Using the systems that we have created to schedule and program parts with our state of the art software, equipment, and skilled workmanship, we have created systems that have assisted us greatly in making a part right the first time and delivering all parts on time.To ensure that you remember our machine shops performance and that the parts that are delivered from our machine shop stand out above all the rest. The outside processes that are requested will outshine all others to meet and exceed the customers specifications and expectations.We have the flexibility to respond to orders of any size including single-part requests. Depending on your needs, we can often create your part the same day you place your order. If you need drawings generated or modified prior to fabrication we have engineers available to perform that function very cost effectively.From management through production, we are committed to excellence at all levels of operations and our proven track record has allowed us to serve a wide range of Southern California’s largest industries. We have built mechanical housings and assemblies for many applications i.e. lasers, telescopes, IR cameras, microscopes, telecommunication products, shipping inflation devices. We have built automotive add on assemblies, rugged zed equipment for government field applications, medical automation and test equipment, and automation for optimizing the manufacturing of sporting equipment, and other products.All of our materials and outside processes are delivered with certifications. All parts and assemblies come with inspection reports generated from our new state-of-the-art Coordinate Measuring Machine.

DM Welding

2.00 (1)

Dayton, Ohio


ONE-STOP SHOP FOR WELDING AND METAL FABRICATION SERVICES Whether you have a piece of equipment that isn't operating properly or a spot in your home that you want to enhance with a unique custom piece, you can trust D M Welding Co, a family owned and operated company, to get the results you have envisioned. After-hours services are available. We provide welding andcustom fabricationservices for variousResidentialandCommercialneeds, such aswelding repairsanddecorative welding. Our bonded and insured company is dedicated to giving you personalized service and individual attention from design to on-site repairs. We ensure you get the look and performance you need with our fast and reliable services. You can also take advantage of ourconstruction equipment repair,truck repair, andBlasting and Finishing services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get your welding services done at competitive prices.

Euro Machining

1.50 (2)

Santa Clara, California


FULL SERVICE MACHINE SHOP - USA We specialize in prototype, and short and long run production CNC turning and milling. EURO MACHINING is a quality Machine Shop serving HIGH-TECH INDUSTRIES. We make highly accurate parts for many customers with a wide variety of materials, like titanium, inconel, invar, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, and many more. Our automated and computer-enhanced CNC machines provide precision, production speed, and products finished on time or ahead of schedule. As a production machine shop, EURO MACHINING has built its business and reputation on CNC expertise. Our customers with stringent quality requirements in the medical equipment, aerospace, semiconductor manufacturing, and aircraft industries have to rely on this expertise as well as our consistent high-performance turnaround. Springboard from the photo samples we display here on the site or charge us with a new design challenge. We have a savvy machine team with the energy and skills to create a solution. At EURO MACHINING, we have an uncompromising commitment to the quality and reliability of the end product, quality materials, quality workmanship, quality design, fast turnaround, and exceptional end results. The company is also committed to providing the most cost-effective and efficient solutions possible. These two qualities - along with on-time delivery - are the hallmarks of our business. So, bring us your normal, your unique, your frustrating projects. We're ready, willing, and able to turn them around in record time and win your business for the long term.

Superior Drain Cable MFG. & Supplies

2.33 (3)

Deer Park, New York


We are sewer and drain cable manufacturing company on the East Coast.All of our products are manufactured in the USA by Superior Drain Cable Mfg. Supplies, Inc. This company got startedby machine shop owner and sewer and drain cleaning company owner.We had constantly havingbreakdowns on inferior parts coming from China. Then we decided to work together and makeexisting productsbetter and new designs of our own. So a sewer and drain owner and a machine shop owner teamed up tomake a better product with a competitive price or less. Any product made by Superior Drain Cable will outlast any product. We are now setting up8 utility patents and in the design phase in making the best sewer and drain machine.Please check out our website frequently for new changes and new products.

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