What Type of Parts are Good Candidates for Honing?

Parts with tight tolerances are often good candidates for honing. In other words, machine parts that deviate very little from their desired dimension will often perform better once they have been honed. Today there are a number of tight component devices such as hydraulic valves, gears, pumps, compressors and even gun barrels that can be made to perform much better by the honing process. All parts made from titanium are difficult to machine economically because titanium is 30% stronger than steel while weighing almost 50% less. Titanium can be made to a very precise and durable measurement by the honing process. Even marble and limestone tiles can be made smoother and more beautiful by honing them.

Designing Parts for Honing

Any part that rotates on a shaft or piston and slides inside a bore could be improved by honing the end product of that design. This is because honing creates three key characteristics in machine parts that are not found in any other process: surface finish, geometry and final size. Many honing machines running both vertically and horizontally can size bores with an accuracy of 0.001 mm which equals 0.00001 inch. Diameters of more than 12 inches are possible with up to 20 feet in depth. Honing can also add a cross-hatch pattern to engine cylinders to retain oil and grease and improve lubrication and ring seal. These same patterns are also effective on brake rotors and flywheels.

Sourcing Honing

A number of machine shops that have the ability to bore a hole also have a number of different honing machines that can obtain the surface and shape desired.