Clicker Die Making

What Types of Parts are Good Candidates for Clicker Die Making?

A clicker die machine can make anything that follows a simple shape.  Shoes are commonly constructed on a clicker die machine, where a frame is covered in the desired material and then pressed by a cutting (or dinking) tool which cuts the fabric according to the frame.  Stickers are also commonly made this way; much like a hole punch but with more options and accuracy.  Letterhead, corrugated boxes, and envelopes are also made with a clicker die press. 

Designing Parts to be Made with a Clicker Die

As mentioned earlier, a clicker die can be used to make almost any part that follows a set and continuous form.  Many clicker die applications require a frame/mold of the intended object that acts as a cookie cutter.  Fabric, rubber, plastic, metal, and many other types of materials are commonly cut using a clicker die machine.  There are automatic and manual clicking die machines used in today’s industry.  Some can make multi-faceted cuts and others are made to make singular cuts repeatedly. 

Rotary die cutting is a method that uses a rotary press to move and designate areas to be dinked on the work surface.   This method allows for more detailed designs and shapes to be achieved.  It also helps when working with harder materials such as metal and allows systematic shaping as well as prevents dents or flaws from being made.  Rotary die cutting is typically used by more skilled operators. 

Sourcing Clicker Die Parts

The clicker die machine has existed for decades and is still used today to make many different types of parts and items.  The basic design of the machine does not require many tools, but does use very sharp parts that could cause severe damage to an operator, whether a human or computer.  One of the best attributes about the machine is the ability to do so many things with it.  It can produce thousands of projects using simple design and mechanisms.