Chemical Engraving

What Type of Parts are Good Candidates for Chemical Engraving?

Engraving using metals is emerging as a very commonplace method of engraving, but it can have disastrous results when done improperly or when the wrong materials are used.  Because acids and other chemicals are used, chemical engraving can be very dangerous.  Extreme caution should be used by the engraver.  Which chemicals and acids are appropriate depend on the type of material to be engraved; know which materials you will be working with beforehand to ensure your safety and the success of your project.

Designing Parts for Chemical Engraving

When designing parts to be used for chemical engraving, having a comprehensive knowledge of various types of acids and chemicals is very important.  Always keep safety at the forefront of your thoughts when designing parts to be used for chemical engraving.  Using the wrong combination of chemicals or acids can result in severe burns, as well as chemical reactions that can produce vapors that are dangerous to inhale. 

Sourcing Chemical Engraving

Finding a professional with extensive experience with chemical engraving is imperative if you want to be confident in achieving the best results.  When you ensure that you are working with an experienced professional, their years of experience will work to your benefit.  Ask for references and examples of some of their completed work.