What Types of Parts are Good Candidates for Annealing?

Annealing work is commonly done with metals. Annealing is the process of heating a material, then keeping it at a stable temperature before cooling it back down. This is mostly done with metals in order to change various qualities of them such as strength and hardness. The most common metals that are used, and are good parts for annealing as a result, are copper, silver, steel, and brass. These metals become softer after the annealing process and then can be shaped and molded more easily. Also, it is easier to work with small allotments of these metals because the process does not take as long with a smaller amount to heat and cool.

Designing Parts for Annealing

Generally, designing parts for annealing can be simple. Firstly, the parts must be made of metal, particularly silver, copper, brass, or steel. These metals can all be annealed to be softer and more flexible, making them easy to shape and use. Secondly, parts for annealing should be proportional to the tools for annealing. The ovens used for annealing come in all shapes, so it is important to ensure that the size of the part is not larger than the size of the oven used to heat it. Finally, when considering the process of annealing, it is important to figure out what the parts will be used for. This way, it is easier to design the size of the metal to be annealed. Once annealed, the material can be shaped and formed, however, it is important to ensure that the raw material before the process is the correct size in order to ensure that the outcome is desired.

Sourcing Annealing

Generally, annealing should be done by an annealing company. Since annealing is quite lengthy and requires advanced equipment, it is always easier to hire annealing services when necessary. Annealing is done through the use of large ovens, so that the part and fit comfortably and be worked with. Also, the cooling process is sometimes done by air, but water and salts are commonly used as well. So, in order to ensure that the whole process is done effectively, it is important to hire professional sources for annealing rather than trying to do it alone. Furthermore, to find these sources seek a directory for factory work, as many factories have the required equipment for annealing and offer the service at a small fee.