Abrasive Cleaning


What Type of Parts are Good Candidates for Abrasive Cleaning?

Abrasive Cleaning is a method using abrasive material to clean a specified object. Although it may range from a simple abrasive scrub used for pots, pans, and other household tasks, it generally refers to the larger scale abrasive blasting used on buildings and other large edifices or structures. Abrasive Blasting machines vary in sizes in accordance to the size of the project and shoot abrasive material at the intended surface to smooth or remove unwanted contaminants from the face of that structure. Materials that are generally used in abrasive blasting is sand, glass beads, or simply water. These methods are more specifically referred to as sand blasting, bead blasting, and hydro blasting.

Designing Parts for Abrasive Cleaning

The size and fineness of the particulate used is very vital and the availability and usability is important economically. A large side field of Abrasive Cleaning is actually the recycling of particulates. This explains the popularity of sand blasting. An alternative to shooting materials under high pressure is using a high-powered, rotary bristle brush typically made of steel or using a "wheel" filled with the particulates which spins at high speeds creating a powerful centrifugal force that does the work. Numerous safety precautions have been set in place as precautionary measures.