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Carrollton, Texas



Machining Capibilities: Haas SL-10, CNC 12 Position Turret Lathe, new, 15 HP, 11 inch max. diameter, 13 inch max. length, 1.75 inch max. thru tube round bar diameter with bar puller, tail stock, tool presetter and chip auger. Bridgeport Interact 308 CNC Milling Machine, 5 HP with 14" x 33" table and 4th axis, 3 jaw indexer and 2 Kurt vises. Leadwell MCV760 20 HP CNC Milling Machine with 21 x 30" table and 2 vises. JET Manual Milling Machine 2 HP with 9" x 42" table, 2 vises and 3 jaw indexer Raytech Adjusta-Vibe, medium sized deburring and polishing machine. Other Shop Support Equipment: 2- Horizontal/Vertical Band Saws, Disc/Belt Sander, Cut-off Saw, 60 Gallon 3 HP Air Compressor, 20 Gallon 2 HP Air Compressor, Grinders, Extensive Tooling, Micrometers,Calipers, Precision Pin and Block Sets, QC Instrumentation and Standards. These machines have time available now, materials available in 1-3 days. We can produce prototype or production orders in as little as 1 week and sometimes less. We can do turning and milling work on common and exotic materials such as inconel, monel, titanium, etc.. We can also do part modification, drilling, milling etc. Our staff consists of 1 Senior Level Business/Marketing Manager, 3 Senior Level CNC Machine Programmers/Operators and 1 CNC and manual Machine operator. We can respond within 1 day to RFQ's at very reasonable prices.

Carrollton, Texas



BE-Technologies is a custom, prototype and short run manufacturing shop located in Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex, approximately (20) minutes from DFQ International Airport. We have extensive experience in executing complex custom manufacturing projects for our customers in the aerospace, military, consumer, energyand automotive industries. SERVICES: Design Engineering Reverse Engineering 5-Axis CNC Machining 3-Axis CNC Machining Composites Assemblies BE-Technologies assisted in the design and was responsible for manufacturing and assembling Pratt Whitney's Boeing 747SP flying testbed (including both the upper fuselage-mounted stub wing and the pylon) which was featured in the May 2, 2012 issue of Aviation Week. We also regularly undertake smaller projects and can produce any type of tooling or structural component, supply FEA analysis, build master tooling aids or tooling molds for glass or carbon fiber products or build stamping and forming tools. We produce master tools for composite or vacuum parts, stretch dies, structural aluminum parts and also build simple and complex RTM mold prototypes for all industries with no limit to size. BE Technologies also produces cutting edge composite products and have extensive assembly capabilities. In addition, we have extensive experience in creating luxury interior parts for head of state or executive custom aircraft. For additionalinformation, please review our website at

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