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4 United States, Pennsylvania, Carlisle Manufacturers Found

Carlisle, Pennsylvania



Family owned general machine and fabrication shop. Our focus is precision not production. "If we can't fix it, it ain't broke, if we can't make it, you don't need it, and if we can't weld it, it ain't metal.

Carlisle, Pennsylvania



Flight Systems Industrial Products has been manufacturing and remanufacturing products for more than 45 years. Our facility is equipped to handle low volume, complex systems and high volume, full-scale production and fulfillment plus any volume in between. Our services include box build assembly, coil bobbin winding, cable wire harness assembly, and metal machining. We are also able to provide low volume manufacturing and engineering services.

Carlisle, Pennsylvania



We are an engineering company with the need for manufactured and purchased parts to complete our projects.

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