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Butler, Pennsylvania



Belleville International is a leading manufacturer of belleville disc springs, flow control components and custom machining of stainless and nickel alloy materials. We are dedicated to providing excellence in part quality, service, and engineering support to all customers. Our expertise and experience provide numerous advantages, including: Machined Components Waterjet Services Custom Design Service Engineering Support Product Testing Prototype Service Material Selection In order to ensure reliability and longevity of the part, as well as the system in which it serves, the correct material selection is imperative. The selection requires considerations of factors such as:temperature, chemical compatibility, and corrosion properties. We are able to manufacture to API, NACE, and DIN specs. Our Engineering team is ready to assist in material selection, including but not limited to: Carbon Steels Stainless Steels Titanium Alloys Nickel Alloys (such as: Inconel, Hastelloy and Waspaloy) MP35N Aluminum Capabilities SAWS Horizontal Band Saws CNC Controllers Multiple Blade types Large Diameters and Long Lengths WATERJETS Single and Dual Heads CNC Controller Metal, Wood, Glass, Plastic, etc. MACHINING 4-Axis CNC Vertical Mill Pneumatic Powered CNC Rotary Table Twin Spindle Robotic CNC Lathes Gantry Robotic Loader CNC Bar Feeding Lathes Tool Room Lathes with CNC Controllers STAMPING Compound Progressive Sheet, Plate, or Coil Die Design Fabrication FINISHING Heat Treating Deburr/Polishing Coatings Etching/Engraving QUALITY ISO 9001:2008 Certified Faro 3D Measurements Load Testing Hardness Testing ENGINEERING Design Support 3D Modeling 2D Drawing SolidWorks Inventor Mastercam

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