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Broken Arrow, Oklahoma



MSR Industries has over 30 years experience in the design, manufacture and field installation of products ranging from the oilfield to telecommunications to high value pleasure boats. Our expertise and experience allows us to design and produce exceptional products that are unmatched in both quality and cost. Our full service machine shop offers the ability to complete almost any project. From custom aluminum control panels that house electronic and hydraulic controls with full color logos and full color text to high volume runs of small steel parts. We also offer a full service electrical shop with the ability to build custom wire harnesses, electronic control assemblies and electronic circuit board assembly. Our staff of engineers includes Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Hydraulic/Pneumatic Engineers. We are capable of both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional CAD implementation.

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma


Trifusion Tactical is a veteran owned ammunition manufacturer and reloading primer supplier. We use state of the art manufacturing equipment and proprietary processes to produce precision rifle and pistol ammo that can outperform in any environment. You can order ammo online on our website.

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