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Ashland Precision Tooling

Ashland, Ohio

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



Ashland Precision Tooling is distinguished by its total in-house control of the tooling process from raw material purchase through finish operations, including heat treat. APT’s “Performance Tooling” approach reduces tool cost by manufacturing longer lasting tools. For more than twenty years, hot forge and cold form tools have been manufactured from the same advanced tooling facility in Ashland, Ohio. Process: Every project is marked by a thorough design for manufacturing process plan that maps work flow from drawings, through in-house heat treating and final delivery. Project status and cost tracking is built-in to the process to provide up to the minute reporting for customers. People: Ashland Precision Tooling employs between 10-20 people, and the average experience for our key toolmakers is 20+ years. Machinists and heat treaters who have mastered their craft, project managers, metallurgical experts, and people who understand the complexities of how tools perform in the field make up the industry’s best team for creating high-performance tooling. Facilities: The company’s 50,000 square feet facility in Ashland, Ohio includes state of the art equipment, a self-contained heat treating shop, and traceable quality control and testing equipment. Experience: Having a vested interest in the field-performance of more than 30,000 different tools for almost 30 years provides Ashland customers with a unique resource for creating the metallurgical properties that consistently yield longer tool life.

Kar-Del Plastics, Inc.

Ashland, Ohio



Kar-Del Plastics, Inc. is a manufacturer of FRP fiberglass reinforced plastic, fiberglass dual laminate, and thermoplastic, corrosion resistant equipment including duct, pipe, tanks, vessels, containment systems, hoods, stacks, clarifier effluent troughs, housings and enclosures, manways and many other items. With the ability to inspect, install, modify and repair our own or other fabricators items we can provide full service with new installations, maintenance, and inspections. Being a "job-shop" allows us to manufacture our standard industrial items, while also branching out into such items as a clamshell "lemon" lemonade stand and a working model of the Marblehead Lighthouse.

Multi-Axis Machining

5.00 (1)

Ashland, Ohio



Multi-Axis Machining is located in Ashland, Ohio. Please contact us for all your machining needs.

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