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Deer Park, New York



R.E.F. Precision Products is a precision machining company that has been delivering high-quality machined components since 1985. Our mission is to always exceed your expectations. We offer high quality, competitively priced parts and assemblies delivered on time. Our team has many decades of experience, not just in CNC milling and turning but in all phases of manufacturing. We enjoy working closely with our customers to build long-term relationships. Our equipment, tools and people allow us to be your best source for your CNC turning and milling requirements. From prototypes to turn-key production parts to small mechanical assemblies, let R.E.F. Precision Products handle all your contract manufacturing needs. We also offer CAD/CAM Engineering services.

Deer Park, New York



We are sewer and drain cable manufacturing company on the East Coast.All of our products are manufactured in the USA by Superior Drain Cable Mfg. Supplies, Inc. This company got startedby machine shop owner and sewer and drain cleaning company owner.We had constantly havingbreakdowns on inferior parts coming from China. Then we decided to work together and makeexisting productsbetter and new designs of our own. So a sewer and drain owner and a machine shop owner teamed up tomake a better product with a competitive price or less. Any product made by Superior Drain Cable will outlast any product. We are now setting up8 utility patents and in the design phase in making the best sewer and drain machine.Please check out our website frequently for new changes and new products.

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