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Pro-Tech Machining Inc.

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Bensenville, Illinois



Pro Tech's goal is to provide our customers with high quality machined parts delivered on time for a cost-effective price. Pro Tech is a company founded by two individuals with over 50 years experience in machining. Our machining experience and current capability includes a variety of materials such as; aluminum, brass, stainless steel, tool steel, alloy steels, mild steels, and various plastics. Current machining capacity ranges from 1/16 X 1 X 1 to 20 x 40 x 24 in parts weighing up to 1,500 pounds. Pro Tech is experienced in machining weldments, castings, extrusions, and structural components. Our present setup allows for 4 axis machining to provide a more cost effective and accurate part. Here at Pro Tech we design and build our entire fixturing to provide you with a high quality part delivered on time for a cost effective price. We utilize the latest hydraulic and pneumatic clamping techniques when feasible to offset the cost. Pro Tech's manufacturing engineer will work with your engineering department to aid n the design and manufacturability of your parts, reducing costs, and improving delivery and quality. We currently have 3D modeling capability in conjunction with a CAM package. Let Pro Tech's experience in working with government and other large industries help you. We have extensive experience and the ability to facilitate application of coatings, heat treatments, and grinding services enabling delivery to you of a complete and ready to use part. In addition, we can arrange for independent measurement certification of your parts by a metrology laboratory if needed. We have added a 4th axis to each of our Kitamura's. We have also increased our capacity with the addition of a Kitamura MyCenter1, a Kitamura Zero and a Brother TC-S2D-0.

Bensenville, Illinois



G-Tech Machining Inc., is located just west of Chicago O'Hare airport. Ten years of milling experience combined together with personal approach and devotion to production process produces high quality parts with tolerances of +/-.0002". We offer reliable and flexible service and high quality product that reflects our experience at competitive costs. G-Tech Machining specializes in: Milling Drilling Boring Deep hole drilling Reaming Machining of castings Tapping Threading Materials Carbon steel Aluminum Alloy steel Stainless steel Brass Plastic Industries Consumer products Electrical equipment Machinery and tools Medical Transportation Computing Entertainment, games, and toys

Bensenville, Illinois



Laser Center Corporation, founded in 1987, embarked on laser cutting business in 2000 based on years of experience in raw material distribution and sheet metal business. After starting the laser cutting business, our company has put in a lot of effort to satisfy our customers' requirements for delivery time, pricing, and quality. Laser Center specializes in laser cutting, bending, and tapping. All of these processes constitute a major portion of cost for finished sheet metal parts, and these are most important processes that determine the delivery time and quality of sheet metal parts. It's not efficient to have assembly work such as welding, painting, riveting, and essential work like laser cutting, bending, tapping all take place in one factory. This is the reason behind Laser Center's focus on laser cutting, bending, and tapping.

Bensenville, Illinois



Rich Industries provides metal stamping, CNC machining and fabrication products and services, specializing in tight tolerance and quick-response jobs. The Midwest-based company serves the automotive, agricultural, heavy equipment and renewable energy industries, among others, and distinguishes itself from other manufacturers by partnering with its customers as a true go-to resource for solutions. Rich Industries is a registered ISO/TS 16949:2009 quality rated manufacturer that specializes in Springs, Wire Forms, and Metal Stampings. We manufacture parts from 0.001" to 0.625" thick and work with exotic materials, e.g. titanium, beryllium, phos bronze, nickel silver, 201 nickel, stainless steel all grades, Inconel nickel 718, and Elgiloy. PRODUCT BREAKDOWN METAL STAMPING: Rich Industries takes great pride in offering metal stampings that start at .003 and can go up to .187 thickness. Our punch presses can produce up to 200 tons. WIRE FORMS: Whether simple or complex, we manufacture wire forms with our CNC formers and other forming equipment. SPRINGS: Torsion springs can be manufactured with a left or right hand coil direction and with ends available in several standard forms. Compression springs are produced in a variety of sizes and shapes with either squared or ground ends. Extension springs are produced in almost any length and degree of tension according to pulling force. Hook and crossover loop ends are standard. OUR CNC Our state-of-the-art CNC system allows for prompt completion of complex parts in one operation. Our newest machine becomes a complete turn-mill center combining both a lathe and 5-axis machining center. This cutting-edge technology accomplishes off-center milling and drilling that is impossible to achieve with only a C-Axis and allows us to tackle more advanced projects. Rich Industries, founded in 1965, was incorporated on June 1. The company was located in Chicago and occupied a 3,500 square foot building. Twelve full time employees made up the entire work force.In 1967, property was purchase at 215 East Green Street in Bensenville, Illinois. A new 10,000 square foot building was erected at the site. The company continued to expand over the next 30 years, carrying on its tradition of excellence. Owner Rich Rogala led the company forward, embracing technological advances that made Rich Industries a competitive industry leader. On November 2, 2009, operations moved to a new 13,000 square foot location. Over the past 50 years the business has maintained its goals of efficiently producing high quality products and providing their clients with exceptional customer service. The company is an industry leader in technology, innovation, and experience.

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