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Jayne Products

Carson, California


Jayne Products has a 35-year history of providing environmentally compliant cleaners and degreasers for high volume industrial users. Conveniently located in Carson, California and with 6 employees, we are a low-overhead/high-volume capacity operation that provides the highest quality standard and customized products at a minimum cost. We have a laboratory that performs comprehensive product development and testing to ensure that all of our products meet both our quality standards and the customers' needs. ?Manufacturer of Environmentally Friendly Chemical Cleaners including Industrial Degreasers, Industrial Descalers, Refinery Decontamination for Turnarounds and Shutdowns with Vapor Phase Cleaning, Industrial Deodorizers, and other cleaners. We also offer disposable gloves, sanitizer, foamers, pumps, misters, and other equipment. Jayne Products also offers technical support, planning, and services for various industries along with chemicals for petrochemical, wastewater and other

LRN Machining & Tool Grinding

Carson, California



LRN Machining and Tool Grinding was establish in 2004. We do tooling, cutter grinding, surface grinding, milling and turning. Our rate is very competitive because we do not have that much overhead. LRN Machining provides good quality products. We do not mind spending a little bit more time on a part just to make sure it is done properly and maintaining good quality. Delivery on time is also our priority. We do not want our customer waiting. We believe that "Customer satisfaction is the key to have a succesful business."

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