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New Taipei City, New Taipei City

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House



Established in 1992, COOLMOSA is an industrial hardware manufacturer and supplier boasting over 28 years of professional experience in OEM. We’ve built integrity and solid credentials among praises of customers who we’ve been manufacturing and supplying for customized components over the years. Driven to seek collaborations with our customers, we are dedicated to providing products of outstanding quality through our highly skilled and diligent staff. That is how we enable our customers to quickly launch high-quality and highly competitive products to obtain maximum business opportunities in the market. Striving to offer outstanding services to our customers, COOLMOSA manages to minimizing costs and excellent flexibility helping our clients achieve their goals and improve satisfaction. Our expertise lies in metal stamping, metal fabrication, die-casting, CNC machining, aluminum extrusion and forging, mold making and plastic injection molding. We have over 28 years of solid experience in the field. COOLMOSA offers the following services: 1. CNC Machining (Milling & Turning)2. Custom Sheet Metal Stamping3. Die-Casting & PM/MIM Casting (Powder Metallurgy/ Metal Injection Molding)4. Aluminum Extrusion Products5. Heat Sink Forging6. Sheet Metal Processing7. Metal Parts Fabrication8. Rapid Prototype - Sheet metal & Rapid Prototype - Machining9. Engineering Design10. Sub-Assembly, Assembly & Testing

Jing Yuh Metal Industrial CO., Ltd

Hukou Township, Hsin-chu



For Over 30 Years, Jing Yuh Metal Industrial Co. Provides Investment Casting Solutions JYMI was founded in July, 1984 in Taiwan Hsinchu. In the beginning, the major product was vessel hardware. Today, JYMI has become a specialist in Lost-Wax Casting, not only for hardware but also for impeller related, pneumatic related, vehicle related and various machinery parts. JYMI obtained the certificate of ISO:9001/TS16949 and has much experience with dimension and material control. HISTORY Jing Yuh Metal Industrial Co, Ltd., a manufacturer of ferrous and nonferrous investment castings was founded in 1984 in Taiwan. Jing Yuh was set up primarily as a vessel hardware producer in the early 1980s. After nearly 10 years of growth, Jing Yuh has continued to engage in more specialized areas of the casting industry, as well as creating a team comprised of highly-skilled casters, experienced tool makers, engineers, and production technicians. In 1995, Jing Yuh became the member of Taiwan Casting Industrial Association and was selected as a board member in 2018. During the 2000s, Jing Yuh established two new factory buildings, set up the machining department and upgraded the recycling system of wax. In 2011, Jing Yuh invested in the recycling system of heat power to try to best protect the global environment. In 2018, Jing Yuh created a joint venture with two large industrial corporations to expand their capacities and machining capabilities, which made them become an OEM/ODM, offering turn-key castings to their customers. INDUSTRIES SERVED Jing Yuh produces metal components for companies in petrochemical, transportation, valve, pump, impeller, diffuser, rotor bearing, pneumatic tool, medical tool, general industrial tool, and architectural industries. CAPABILITIES There are three process improvements leading Jing Yuh to dramatically upgrade quality, increase delivery efficiency and reduce cost over the last decades. Initially, Jing Yuh has decades of expertise in designing and developing new metal materials for clients in order to improve castings’ mechanical performance as well as decrease cost, which is called “Material Substitution Program.” In addition, Process Optimization offers their clients the greatest service, in terms of providing faster production order and reasonable producing process. Moreover, Jing Yuh implements Cost- reduction Plan to minimize cost and maximize throughput by providing one- stop service for their clients. In the winter of 2018, Jing Yuh invested and installed a 14 ft. length turn/mill machine center to complete metal casing in their on-site machine shop. ALLOYS POURED & MACHINED Jing Yuh works with a broad range of materials as the following alloys:Austenitic Grey Iron (ASTM A436) and Austenitic Ductile Iron (ASTM A439)Abrasion Resistant iron (Ni- Hard) and high Mn SteelDuplex Stainless(1-A,2- A,3-A, 4-A,5-A,6-A.) Precipitate Hardening Stainless(15-5,17-4.) Copper Alloy ( 660 copper, Ni-Al-Brass.) Carbon Steel, Low Alloy and Tool Steel. Nickel Based, INCONEL 718 / 625 /925MONEL 400 / R405 / K500 Cobalt Based, CO #3, 6, 12 300 and 400 Series Stainless Aluminum Alloy.(T6.) Titanium Alloy( 6-4 Ti) MOVING FORWARD Jing Yuh has never obsessed over thinking about the future. Instead, they are most proud of creating their future constantly. Jing Yuh is developing rapid prototyping capabilities, which has applied to producing ceramic shell in recent years. Meanwhile, Jing Yuh is combining comprehensive and various casting methods to produce large-size and more intricate precision metal components for their clients. Furthermore, the Jing Yuh team is comprised of elite materials engineers who are continually developing cutting- edge super alloys in order to reduce cost and improve quality for our clients. Jing Yuh Group obtains an ISO 9001:2015 & TS16949 and is playing an important role in manufacturing impeller and pneumatic product in global market.

P-Sun International

Taipei, T'ai-pei


P-Sun is originated as a multi-functional OEM trading company, established in 1993 and is ISO9001:2008 certified. P-Sun is situated in Taipei, Taiwan. The organization has been grown with more subsidiaries in China and Taiwan including precision machining facility and has several international representatives.With values of integrity, quality, and noble we provide our customers a link of supply chains to high-tech manufacturing resources in south-east Asia.


Taichung, T'ai-chung



YS was established in 2004. We have been doing CNC machining and customized design more than 10 years. As you can see our equipment list, we have different CNC machines to finish different requests. The machining field is including plastic injection, aerospace, automotive and carbon composite. We provide not only mould but also the components of different materials. In the beginning, YS was machining moulds and the metal parts. We found a problem that CNC can't drill deep hole, so we also increase deep hole drilling machine to figure it out. Due to the complicated structure of mould, we used these chances to accumulate our experience, then we started to design the customized mould. In 2017, we found our equipment didn't allow us to move forward to reach the request of aerospace and automotive industry, so we invested two 5 axis CNC and measuring equipment (blu-ray 3D scan inspection and marble inspection table). This decision let our machining skill and quality become better, so our relationship with our customers is more stable. Using this opportunity, our design team have become better and better and we also have accumulated a lot of experience in the field of precise casting. In 2017 to 2019, we cooperated with carbon composite company. Using this opportunity, we recognized racing and other industries in the composite field and machined the mould for FRP and machined FRP parts directly. In the process of machining FRP, the treading tap is easily broken because of high hardness. We increased the electrical discharge machine to figure this problem out. In 2020, the tough year for all the world. We still increased third 5 axis CNC to satisfy the customer's request. It let us control our production process flexibly and shorten the lead time. According to the increase in request abroad, we established an international sales department to serve customer abroad respectively. We also passed the identification of ISO 9001 2015 to satisfy the customer's request. This international certification let our customers rest assured and get more opportunities. Now we are moving forward to the certification of AS 9100!


台北縣, T'ai-pei

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Aerospace BatteriesAir Core InductorsAircraft BatteriesAsia-Based ManufacturingAutomation EquipmentBatteriesBipolar TransistorsBlanking Die MakingBlow Mold MakingBraided TubingBridge RectifiersCapacitor BracketsCapacitor Test EquipmentCapacitorsCavity OscillatorsCeramic CapacitorsChip CapacitorsChip InductorsChip ResistorsChipsCircuit AnalyzersCircuit BreakersCircuit ConnectorsCircuit FoilCircuit MultibreakersCircuit ProtectorsCircuit TestersCircuitsClicker Die MakingClock OscillatorsCommon Mode InductorsCompound Die MakingCompression Mold MakingComputer BatteriesCrystal OscillatorsCurrent Sensing ResistorsDarlington TransistorsDevice SocketsDie & Mold MakingDigital Signal-Processor ChipsDiode LasersDiodesDrawingDry Disc RectifiersDynamic Braking ResistorsElectrical & Lighting EquipmentElectrochemical BatteriesElectrolytic CapacitorsElectronic Components & DevicesElectronic ConnectorsElectronic EnclosuresElectronic OscillatorsEncodersExtrusion Die MakingFast Recovery RectifiersFiber OpticsFilm CapacitorsFilm ResistorsFixed ResistorsFlasher BatteriesFlashlight BatteriesFusible ResistorsGeneral Sockets & HeadersHigh Current InductorsHigh Voltage CapacitorsHVAC EquipmentHybrid TubingIC & Transistor SocketsInductorsIndustrial BatteriesIndustrial EquipmentLantern BatteriesLay-Up Mold MakingLED LensesLED MountsLight Emitting Diodes (LEDs)Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)Lithium BatteriesMarine BatteriesMedical BatteriesMemory ChipsMercury BatteriesMetallic RectifiersMFG Verified? NoMicrowave OscillatorsMOSFET TransistorsMulti-slide Die MakingMultilayer InductorsOceanographic BatteriesOEM BatteriesOptical Parametric OscillatorsOscillatorsOther BatteriesOther CapacitorsOther ChipsOther CircuitsOther Die MakingOther DiodesOther ElectronicsOther EquipmentOther InductorsOther OscillatorsOther RectifiersOther ResistorsOther TransistorsOther Tube ProcessingPackaging EquipmentPattern Mold MakingPhotoelectric CellsPhotoflash BatteriesPortable Electronics BatteriesPower ResistorsPrecision ResistorsProcess - Plant EquipmentProgressive Die MakingReaction Mold MakingRechargeable BatteriesRectifiersRelay Sockets & InterfacesRelaysResistorsRISC ChipsRotational Mold MakingSchottky DiodesSchottky RectifiersSelenium RectifiersSemiconductor RectifiersSensorsShielded InductorsSignal GeneratorsSmart Power ChipsSound ChipsStamp Die MakingStandard DiodesSteel Rule Die MakingStep Recovery DiodesStorage BatteriesStructural Foam Mold MakingSwagingTantalum CapacitorsTelecommunications BatteriesTemperature Compensated Crystal (TCXOs)Thermal BatteriesThermoform Mold MakingToolToroidal InductorsTransfer Mold MakingTransient Suppressor DiodesTransistor BatteriesTransistorsTube BendingTunnel DiodesUltracapacitorsUnijunction TransistorsUPS BatteriesUtility BatteriesVaractor DiodesVariable ResistorsVideo BatteriesVoltage Controlled Oscillators (VCXOs)Watch BatteriesWet BatteriesZener Diodes


台北縣, T'ai-pei county

Design / Engineering Firm



Etasis Electronics was established in 1996. It currently employees 400 personnel and is one of the major companies in the professional designing and manufacturing of switching and redundant power supplies.We plan and produce power supplies with High Efficiency, Active Power Factor Correction, Load Sharing, Hot-swappable capabilities. ODM services are provided to WW customers with fast development and short lead time for samples and mass production. Etasis has local sales and technical support that lead to win with customer.

The main focus of our business is to produce:

1. 80PLUS Gold or High Efficiency Power Supply

2. PMBus Enabled Power Supply

3. Server Power Supply

4. Redundant Power Supply

5. Intelligent Power Supply

6. Industrial Power Supply

7. Telecom Power Supply


台中市烏日鄉慶光路80-15號, T'ai-chung

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer




台南, T'ai-wan

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



First General Technology Inc.

The corporation has of production design factory more than 500 level ground in the Taiwan Taina peaceful industrial district, is one unifies by the engineering design plan, the specialized European and American date proxy service, the entire factory equipment plan is the guidance, grasps the zealous spiritual service field, provides the most advanced system regulation the technological resource, the innovation research and development system regulation design plan, the specialized processing electric power monitoring, makes the regulation monitoring, the equipment automation development design company


Tainan, T'ai-nan

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



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