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In-Cheon, Inch'on-jikhalsi



Our company was established in 2002. And its manpowerconsists of 15 members, The 6 members of them take a excellent engineer skillsin maching process field (including design, CAD/CAM software). Especially they have been working in which isspeciallize in Wireless Communication Sections (LPA, HPA, RF MODULE, HEAT SINK, etc) and Semiconductor Part (plate, block, chamber, etc). Our business field spreads up to precise aerospace in ferrous and non-forrous material. Nowadays, We are exporting the machinery processing parts to the Japan(HIDACHI), U.S.A.(Califonia, Colorado,Illinois), Canada(Tronto), Italyand U.K(Derbyshire) etc. Wewere also the second vendor of SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD). Our management is focused on the Customer Satisfaction (Best Quality, Exact Logistic andBest Price). The Target of final Quality Control is " Quality is what the customer says it`s OK !! "

???? Samsung Metal Co.,Ltd.

Chilgok-gun (???), Cheju-do

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



Welcome to visit SAMSUNG METAL!

We provide Advanced Technologies and Best Services to customers.


Since its establishment in 1996, SAMSUNG METAL has been committed to become a leading company in the motor parts industry and has accumulated a vast array of technologies and expertise in manufacturing manual and automatic transmissions, engine and axle parts etc.



Not resting on the past achievement in the domestic market, we are determined to be a global industrial leader who provides quality products at competitive prices in the international market. Our commitment has led us to develop cutting-edge technologies such as high carbon carburizing heat treatment and improve our quality standard through an automatic production system.



We are committed to provide our customers with the best products through superior quality and excellent services. Throughout the years, we are building up good business relationship and business partner with few notable “Automotive” buyers in the market listing below: -

  • ·         Hyundai Motors Co., Ltd.
  • ·         Daewoo Motors
  • ·         VOLVO Construction Equipment KOREA
  • ·         KIA Motors



In order to work with automotive buyers, SAMSUNG METAL has acquired the following certification: -

  • ·         QS 9000
  • ·         ISO 14000
  • ·         TS 16949
  • ·         ISO 14001



To best satisfy our customers, SAMSUNG METAL’s Philosophy are: -

Business Motto

  • ·         Respect for persons
  • ·         Advanced technologies
  • ·         Challenge for future



Management Motto

  • ·         Contribute to humankind with new value and the best products based on capable human resources and advanced technologies



Management Principle

  • ·         Maximum revenue
  • ·         Profitable management
  • ·         Ideal workplace



Management Commitment

  • ·         Establish a global management system by entering overseas markets
  • ·         Diversify product lines to meet customers’ various needs
  • ·         Improve profit structure by strengthening manufacturing competitiveness
  • ·         Strengthen internal capability through innovative human resources management



Quality Policy

  • ·         Satisfy customers with the best technology
  • ·         Satisfy customers with continuous product improvement
  • ·         Strengthen quality competitiveness



Environment Policy

  • ·         Comply with environmental laws and regulations
  • ·         Prevent pollution and improve environment conditions
  • ·         Create clean and comfortable workplace
  • ·         Minimize waste and recycle resources



We have always appreciated your support and encouragement and are looking forward to critical comments and feedbacks to better serve you.

Please feel free to browse through our website at for more information.



Busan, Pusan-jikhalsi

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



Established since 1999, LOCUS Co.,Ltd. has been manufacturing high precision parts responding to the special needs of industry.

We have been developing best quality cryogenic valves & fittings as our registered brand ‘E-LOK’ and based on over a decade of stainless steel & alloy metal processing, we can provide superior quality products to meet customers’ needs.


울산, Ulsan-gwangyoksi

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



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