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YS was established in 2004. We have been doing CNC machining and customized design more than 10 years. As you can see our equipment list, we have different CNC machines to finish different requests. The machining field is including plastic injection, aerospace, automotive and carbon composite. We provide not only mould but also the components of different materials. In the beginning, YS was machining moulds and the metal parts. We found a problem that CNC can't drill deep hole, so we also increase deep hole drilling machine to figure it out. Due to the complicated structure of mould, we used these chances to accumulate our experience, then we started to design the customized mould. In 2017, we found our equipment didn't allow us to move forward to reach the request of aerospace and automotive industry, so we invested two 5 axis CNC and measuring equipment (blu-ray 3D scan inspection and marble inspection table). This decision let our machining skill and quality become better, so our relationship with our customers is more stable. Using this opportunity, our design team have become better and better and we also have accumulated a lot of experience in the field of precise casting. In 2017 to 2019, we cooperated with carbon composite company. Using this opportunity, we recognized racing and other industries in the composite field and machined the mould for FRP and machined FRP parts directly. In the process of machining FRP, the treading tap is easily broken because of high hardness. We increased the electrical discharge machine to figure this problem out. In 2020, the tough year for all the world. We still increased third 5 axis CNC to satisfy the customer's request. It let us control our production process flexibly and shorten the lead time. According to the increase in request abroad, we established an international sales department to serve customer abroad respectively. We also passed the identification of ISO 9001 2015 to satisfy the customer's request. This international certification let our customers rest assured and get more opportunities. Now we are moving forward to the certification of AS 9100!

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Blu-ray 3D Scan Inspection Equipment

CNC 5 Axis Machining Center

CNC 5 Axis Universal Machining Center (Vertical/Horizontal)

CNC Bridge Type 5 Axis Machining Center

CNC Bridge Type Machining Center 3 Axis*4

CNC High Speed Vertical Machining Center 3 Axis*3

CNC Horizontal Maching Center 4 Axis

CNC Vertical Machining Center 3 Axis*2


Electrical Discharge machine*1

Traditional Lathing Machine*1

Traditional Miling Machine*3

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ISO 9001




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