Wrightwood Precision Products Company 

4934 W Bloomingdale Ave, Chicago, Illinois, 60639, United States


For over 40 years and three generations, Wrightwood Precision Products Company has been instrumental in making the world a more precise place. It has been the policy of Wrightwood Precision Products Company to manufacture products with the finest possible workmanship that meet or exceed customer specifications. Wrightwood's quality objectives are Zero Defects, Complete Customer Satisfaction, On Time Delivery, Continuous Improvement, and Complete Elimination of Waste. The structure of our quality system meets the requirements of ISO9001:2000. The ISO 9001 quality standard provides a framework by which quality assurance in design, development, production, and servicing our customers is established, documented and maintained. Since the International Organization for Standardization's inception it's importance to international suppliers and global customers has grown significantly. Wrightwood has implemented the ISO standard to provide a framework for processes that result in quality output, continual improvement and customer satisfaction.

Our Work

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Manufacturing Capabilities


Metal Painting Booth

Micro Drilling

Salt Spray Testing Machine

CNC Turning - 12 Star CNC Swiss Type Automatic Lathes (SB16 SB20 SR20 SR32 SW20)

Broaching Machine

Presses (up to 300 ton)

Manual Milling Machine

Spot Welding Machines

(1) TorchMate 10'x15' HiDef Plasma CNC Profiler

2200 Tons Toshiba Injection Machine

380 Tons Injection Machines

Electronics and Semiconductor

HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

Measuring and Control Instruments

Injection Molding Machines 50 - 320 Tons

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Ratings & Reviews From Buyers

5.00 (4)
Good shop, highly recommend.
—Purchasing D, General Plasma
This was the first project on which we had worked with Wrightwood. They made samples for us and on the samples we noticed we had to make a design change. They worked with us on making sure the parts we got were exactly what we wanted. It is great to find a supplier that is a short drive away from us. The part itself was a simple milled aluminum part with a slotted hole. Parts were to spec and done really well. Since this award we have worked with them on two more orders (turned parts). So far, we're happy with their work and glad to have found them on MFG.
—Anirudh K, Drywall Master Tools, Inc.
We got exactly what we paid for, except the parts were better looking than required. Nice job. We will be happy to work with them again.
—Ron L, Precision Matters
High Quality Craftsmanship.
—Peter M, Cape Fear Automation
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