White Horse Laboratories Ltd. 

Shenzhen, ?? (Guangdong), 518000, China


White Horse was founded in March of 2004 by Mark A. Rinehart, a veteran of business operations within China. Mr. Rinehart began his career in electronics with an Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider, where he ran operations, training, and team building. One of his primary focuses was on quality, where he trained emphatically on IPC/JEDEC standards, operational process and quality controls, and efficiencies.

In 2001, he was transferred to the company's electronic component manufacturing business to head operations and distribution for their new operations in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. For over three years, he ran the logistics, distribution, operations, and supply chain management functions of this growing business. Never one to hide in the sanctity of Hong Kong, Mr. Rinehart rolled up his sleaves and dove into the mire of learning Chinese operations from the
inside out, including Customs regulations, business licensing, labour law, and most importantly, how to work with and manage people.

In 2004, he formed White Horse Strategic Solutions to assist foreign companies in their efficient transition to manufacturing or trading with China, and to assist foreign
companies efficiently and profitably transition to manufacturing and trading in China. The company now provides human resources (training, development, and
recruiting) and operations (purchasing agent, logistics agent, and workplace efficiency) services in addition to our more widely known Quality Control service. Supporting companies with human resources training and development,
operational efficiency through the supply and distribution chain, and establishing effective strategies and operations to achieve their goals in the booming markets of China and throughout South East Asia.

White Horse established our testing, inspection, and packaging business unit in response to the growing proliferation of substandard and electronics components. After researching the domestic market, White Horse stepped in where no company previously existed to provide quality control and operational services to foreign and domestic distributors alike. White Horse sets the standard and the
model for turnkey services throughout this global industry.

Our Huaqiang Bei office also serves as a drop-off and pick-up location for local distributors to provide convenient and efficient transfer.

Today, White Horse Laboratories focuses on continually raising the bar of customer expectations by not only providing testing and quality control services, but in educating the industry on standards, processes, terminology, risks, and

In 2007 and beyond, White Horse Labs moved beyond electronic components only and began providing quality assurance solutions for complete electronic assemblies and other manufactured products during the escalating
global concerns following the wave of recalls and returns that erupted throughout the year.

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