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Westmoreland Plastics Company 

135 Gertrude Street, Latrobe, Pennsylvania, 15650, United States


Westmoreland Plastics Company is a custom molder of both thermosets and thermoplastics. We supply molded components and sub-assemblies to a wide variety of industries nationwide. Our plant is located in southwestern Pennsylvania and operates 24 hours per day. Our company is ISO 9001:2000 certified providing excellent customer service and solid engineering support. MOLDING Westmoreland Plastics offers a variety of molding processes that includes injection, compression, insert and transfer molding. Our thermoset capabilities include molding compounds such as phenolics, melamines, ureas, D.A.P., B.M.C. (thermoset polyester) and rubber. Thermoset molding is performed on equipment ranging in size from 25 ton to 400 ton. Thermoplastic capabilities include both commodity and engineering grade resins processed on well-maintained equipment. FINISHING WPC has the ability to perform many secondary operations, some of which include assembly, painting, drilling, tapping, hot stamping, ultrasonic welding and transfer pad printing. Over the years, customers have been able to obtain finished products, complete assemblies or add-on components of every type and description. With many years of experience in finishing plastic moldings, our staff and employees are prepared to supply you with a complete quality component. QUALITY ASSURANCE Westmoreland has made the commitment to total quality management. Our project teams meet every week to discuss and solve problems. These teams have yielded dramatic improvements in our process capabilities and play a big part in the company's continuous improvement program. Through the ever increasing use of statistical methods, we are constantly striving to supply the best products possible.

Manufacturing Capabilities


Fine-Grinding machines

Injection Molding Machines

Lapping Machine

Steam Jet Vacuum Systems

Thermoset Compression/Transfer Molding Machines 50Tons-300 Tons

Thermoset Injection Molding Machines 85Ton to 500Ton

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MFG Member Since



United States


ISO 9001:2000



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