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Wei Hong Da Mold Technology Company Limited 

Xinsha Industry Zone,Shatou Village, Dongguan, 广东 (Guangdong), 523861, China


COMPANY INTRODUCTIONWeihongda Mold Technology Company Limited was founded in 1998,it's a company specialized in rapid prototype,molds,injection molding and CNC machined manufacturing.it introduces state-of-the-art manufacture machinery and first-rate mould design and manufacture personnel.The involved parts are automotive,consumer product,household appliance,computer peripheral product,telecommunications product,healthcare and industrial equipment. We have a group of excellent innovative engineer to research,develop and produce the products on you demand. It is the goal to help you to make your products to be more com-petitive in market. The living standard is going up,customer's requirement is not only function,also artistry,durability and elegance,so we have a smart,innovativeteam to help you to manufacture.We also know communication between you and us is very important,by discussion again and again,we can make a final conclusion to manufacture the outstanding products not only accepted by your company also accepted ty customers. COMPANY EQUIPMENTS The company is now equipped with 8 sets of precious engraving machine, 18 sets of CNC (maximum processing range: 1800mm×700mm×650mm), 1 set of SLA, 2 sets of vacuum mould compound machine, 5 sets of milling machine, 3 sets of lathe and test facilities, etc. It boasts nearly 100 employees and high quality renovation mind technicians: Hand-board experts who are dexterous in technique, being capable of accurately designing, developing and manufacturing update products for clients, offer first-rate high-tech products by means of scientific workflow combined with long-term practical operation, give maximum satisfaction for customers. The advantages of Wei Hong Da is manufacturing traditional tools,Including office automation equipment ,electrical appliance ,audio,automotive ,digital products and home appliances etc.We are constantly improving the cooperation with customers by promoting technology,efficiency and quality.We are characterized in the expertising of high precision and complicated tool at most competitive price with quick turn around time.We make moulds of DME and Hasco standards to meet customer's various special requirements.The hot runners are MoldMaster,DME,Husky,Yudo etc.And tool insert are imported steel as P20 ,H13 ,S7 ,420SS ETC with COC when required. plastic injection workshop is equipped with the prestigious companies's facilities e.g,20 plastic injection machines of various specifications introduced from Dah Hwa(HK) .Toshiba and HVSKY(Canada) respectively.Additionally with a capacity ranging from 90T to 780T and actual amount of injection from 0.5g to 3g,also it has 2high speed precise plastic injection machines of 120tons,applicable to the production of 0.3mm products,meeting the complicated requirements of mold forming. Our other business: 1:SLA Rapid Prototype,using the laser machine from USA 3DSYSTEM. 2:CNC Precision PlasticMetal Mock-up Parts,meterial included:ABS,POM,PMMA,PP,PC,PUALUMINIUM,BRASS,STEEL etc. 3.The batch of plastic parts duplicated by silicone mold with high intensity PU.contact 4:The batch of metal parts by machine with aluminium,brass,steel etc. 5.molding and Injection Moldong parts etc.

Manufacturing Capabilities


Haas Lathe

Plastic Injection Molding machines, varying from 77 tons to 400 tons

Stamping up to 400 Ton* 10+

Hight precision Mills

32000 cycles Mikron High-speed CNC machine

24000cycles High-speed CNC machine

CNC center *14+

Charmilles mirror EDM


Ground Grinding machine

Sodick precision wire cutting machine

EDM machine

Drill Press

Company Details



MFG Member Since





ISO 9001:2008

United Technologies




Ratings & Reviews From Buyers

3.50 (4)
After providing a very competative quote based on a 2D Drawing, I awarded them the RFQ. They then requested a 3D drawing which was unnecessary for this part. After that, I was told they couldn't do the part. I wish they had been more careful on bidding this RFQ. I would make sure this company has all the necessary information they need before awarding them an RFQ.
—Sunil D, Drywall Master Tools, Inc.
Delivery speed far exceeded my expectations. Fast response on inquiries. Parts are fairly high quality.
—Stephen L, Cadbury Adams
Overall good experience with this supplier. Would use again.
—Andy K, Aaki Corp.
I was extremely impressed with part quality. Very fast delivery and great service overall.
—John S, SC Design
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