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Wegmann USA has a long and proud history of performing “build to specification” sub-contract manufacturer for larger contractors. Wegmann’s skill set makes it particularly well suited for industries requiring high quality and record keeping standards. The company possesses strong diverse capabilities in areas such as: machining, welding, assembly, quality management, quality inspection, program management, import/export regulations, ITAR compliance and materials procurement. Wegmann has established a well-managed supply chain for any needed outside services, and is an ISO -9001 registered company.

Wegmann's sub-contract manufacturing experience includes producing defense products for contractors as well as US government agencies.

Our machining capabilities encompass:

  • a variety of turning, and milling capabilities including 4-axis machining, turning with live tooling, probing, and the use of magnetic fixturing.
  • the ability to machine very small parts weighing a few ounces to large parts weighing several tons including parts as large as 2000mm wide, and 1500mm tall, experience working with many types of materials including zircaloy, titanium alloys, stainless steel, armor steel, tool steel, aluminium, brass, plastic, as well as other materials.
  • experience working with many forms of raw materials including various types of extrusions, castings, forgings, rolled plate, weldments, and other forms of work pieces.
  • routinely holding tolerances as close as .005mm, true positions of .010mm and concentricity of .010mm, and a wire EDM with capabilities of holding tolerances down to .003mm
  • deep hole boring up to 40 inches.
  • hard turning of material up to 62Rc C.

Wegmann USA Welding Capabilities Include:

  • MIG, TIG, and Stick welding.
  • welding small parts as well as large parts weighing several tons.
  • welding many types of materials including carbon steel, armor steel, stainless steel, tool steel, aluminium, as well as other materials.
  • working with many forms of raw materials including various types of extrusions, castings, forgings, rolled plate and other forms of material.
  • the development and qualification of Weld Procedure Specifications. performing welder qualification.
  • work performed by welders qualified per AWS D1.1, AWS D1.2., and various customer certifications.

The Wegmann USA Quality System:

  • is ISO 9001/2008 compliant and has been registered since January 15, 2001 under registration number QSR-687.
  • has demonstrated the ability to manage part and material traceability.
  • makes use of CMMs, and Portables Measuring Arms with non-contact laser, having a measuring envelope up to 6 1⁄2ft in diameter. (Key Equipment Lists are included at the end of this presentation)
  • integrates CAD models into inspection programs used by CMM’s and Portable Measuring Arms.
  • has an environmentally controlled metrology laboratory.
  • maintains a full compliment of precision measuring instruments and hard gages.
  • has personnel trained and examined following SNT-TC-1A for our dye penetrant inspection and magnetic particle inspection practices.
  • performs simple non-destructive testing for features such as hardness, plating thickness, and paint thickness.

Wegmann USA Assembly Experience Includes: 

  • precision mechanical assembly by skilled technicians experienced in performing proper fastener torqueing, control of gear backlash, application of thread locking compounds, application of greases and lubricants, proper cleanliness, and other assembly techniques.
  • using age controlled chemicals and components.
  • maintaining part and material traceability.
  • diagnosing , repairing , and rebuilding damaged and/or worn assemblies.
  • wiring , soldering , and assembly of various electrical and electronic control systems.
  • demonstrated ability to wire complex, interconnected assemblies, including the assembly and wiring of computer rack systems.
  • assembly of structures for simulator cabins using special light weight construction techniques. 

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