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UE Transistor Plant 

16 Korzhenevskogo Str., Belarus, Minsk, 220108, United States


State-owned unitary enterprise “Transistor Plant” – one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers in the center of Europe with almost a 40-year experience in manufacturing transistors, diodes, ICs and other active electronic components. - Integrated device manufacturer - 70,000 substrates and epi structures (60, 76, 100, 150 mm) per month - SOT-23, TO-92, TO-126, TO-218, TO-220, DIP-8, Case 22A, D-Pak, I-Pak and other package types - An ISO 9001 certified company - In-house R&D center and engineering support for customers - Foundry services - Deliveries 1 to 12 weeks after receiving an order - Supplies in form of probed wafers, chips and packaged devices - Worldwide network of customers in over 25 countries - High quality articles at reasonable pricing WE PRODUCE General-purpose and application-specific semiconductors and ICs for communication, audio-video, battery chargers, power supplies, main boards of PC, home appliances, automotive and industrial application, energy saving and other fields. WE DESIGN ICs for power management, MOSFETs, high-voltage bipolar transistors, Schottky diodes and other parts Our product portfolio covers a wide range of items including - Voltage regulators 78XX, 79XX, 78LXX, 79LXX, IL2931-XX, AMS1117A-XX, IL233-XX series, TL431A, TL432A, LM1084, LM1085 - Schottky diodes (1A – 20A, 20V – 100V) - Low-power and power MOSFET (3rd, 4th, 5th generation) - Bipolar transistors - Melody chips and many other items. UE “Transistor Plant” yearly renews about 25 to 30% of its commercial products.

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