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Tri-Tech Precision 

California, 92870, United States


Thank you for your time to look at our company. We are a solid company based on quality and on time delivery, with 20 years of experience and debt free. A company you can count on as your partner. Our engineering staff can offer suggestions to reduce cost and improve the quality and function of the part. With over 20 years of total Aerospace design engineering experience, we are quite different from most machine shops. We can determine heat transfer, shock and vibration modeling for your designs. Our development of the Verisurf Software program and the Patented M5414 5-axis head attachment makes us both a service provider and a product provider. We are the experts and inventors of low cost 5-axis machining and inspection of any and all components, include complex surfaces. We have the inspection capacity to do a 100% inspection of a Boeing 747 and also can inspect the trace placements of the smallest thin film device. We can do reverse engineering with perfect results. With the incorporation of our inspection software into our CNC center we do real time inspection and auto-correct resulting in a perfect part every time. We are not the "Cheap Charlie" machine shop or the one man shop. As an ISO 900-2000 registered company we do not purchase cut rate material or material from outside the United States, we only purchase certified material. You will see companies bid below the raw cost of material, good luck with working with these vendors. If you are not concerned about quality and performance remember the bitterness of low quality last much longer than the sweetness of low price. Our 5-Axis machining centers are custom machines and produce quality you could never achieve on a tilt-rotary table.

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3.00 (1)
Good quality.
—Edward B, Illumination Machines
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