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Getto know us... Tower Metal Works Inc. got its humble beginning in 1976 working out of the owners garage. Early on, Tower Metal Works developed a reputation of unsurpassed quality and value that pushed us out of our garage and into our first building. Once again through growth by reputation, quality and family values; we added on to our building and so the trend began. Our facility now covers upwards of 40,000 SQ. FT. and provide services nationwide. We have grown into a full service sheet metal fabrication shop with a wide range of capabilities that allows us to minimize outsourcing and maximize turnaround times. Tower Metal Works has retained its family values through the years, we sincerely care about our customers and the product we provide. Customer satisfaction is first and foremost, we are not concerned about growth; we are concerned about quality and value. We may never be a powerhouse in the sheet metal fabrication world but we can still beat the big boys with our dedication to our customers, our product and our family traditions. Better Business Bureau member with consecutive A+ ratings. We appreciate your business! Lasercutting As steel cutting technology goes, the CNC Laser is the top of the line.A Lasers wattage determines the thickness of material it can cut, for instance our Lasers run at 4000 Watts and have the ability to cut up to 3/4" mild steel, now this can vary based on the type of steel but let's use common mild steel as an example. A Laser cut part can be produced with a tolerance of +/- .005 (almost as fine as the human hair) and the Laser has very few limitations relational to shapes, patterns, etc. If quality is what you are after then the Laser is your best option. CNCpunching The CNC Punch is a great asset when it comes to high production high speed runs. As of today Tower Metal Works runs (3) CNC punch machines, the CNC punches can cut material up to 7GA (.179). The edge quality of a Punch part VS a Laser part are vastly different from one another, a Laser edge rarely needs any de-burring or grinding done, as where a Punch part will have a sharp edge and need de-burred depending on the use of the part. Punch parts are commonly used in weld up assemblies such as Agricultural machinery, machine parts, and cabinet parts and so on. CNCForming Metal forming takes talent combined with precision to create an accurate part.Tower Metal Works Inc. applies a great deal of focus to this; we understand the importance of accuracy when it comes to the final part. Our clients have various tolerance requirements for each and every part they order, so our team is hard wired to maintain those tolerances even if means cutting a new part to get it right. Tower Metal Works has a total of 6 brakes (forming machines) that allow us to meet fast turnaround times that our customers expect. This equipment is maintained by the same people that make the equipment so that keeps accuracy first and foremost. ProfessionalWelding The majority of our welding services consist of MIG welding. We provide assembly services to our clientele on a job by job basis. For the most part Tower Metals seems to handle more part cutting without welding involved, not that we don't offer it; it just seems that assembly typically takes place in house by the customer.

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Ratings & Reviews From Buyers

4.88 (17)
Super communication, parts on time and good quality. Tower quickly resolved a problem related to packing and shipping. Highly recommend.
—Alex M, Alex Meade Bikeworks, LLC
Great quality
—George S, Alloy Fabrication
Parts came in to specifications and on time. Manufacturing work on the parts was excellent, virtually no machine marks and no sharp edges. We will definitely be doing business with them again.
—Ryan W, Projeto Solutions & Analytics
great to work with on this project, will be ordering more from vendor in the future
—Dave S, Versus
Product was on time and to the print.
—Brandon C, Panoz LLC
Excellent job, On time delivery --- A valued supplier, highly recommend.
—Anita L, MMRP
Made the parts to good quality. Parts made it here without much of an issue. Very good experience.
—Cullen M, JATO
Competive price, great quality, delivered on-time.
—Larry P, Extreme Marine Products, Inc
Tower metal works does an excellent job overall. Parts are accurate, straight and clean. Parts are packaged well and shipped on time.
—John M, The Mill
I had excellent service for this job. Parts delivered a little before expectations. Excellent quality. Exactly what I was hoping for. I will be doing more business with Tower Metal Works.
Excellent parts and delivery...plan to send more work your way!
—Todd W, HMC Industries, Inc.
Very good service will use again when reordering
—Tim F, Encap-it
Nice looking parts. Easy company to work with.
—Charles W, LEVTEK
Tower Metal Works delivered quality parts at a fair price. If you need CNC metal work or Laser service look no further. Rob Willsey at Tower Metal Works took care of everything. Will continues to use Tower for our CNC and Laser work.
—Marc A, Allied Design LLC
Tower metals met all expectations of a professional and reliable vendor
—Carlos C, Clemente Cycles
Smooth transaction from start to a quality finished product. You can't go wrong using these guys.
—William M, Roadless Gear, LLC
Quality parts delivered fast.
—Tom H, Spinball Sports LLC
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