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Titoma Design For China Manufacturing 

18F, 75 Xintai 5th Road, Section 1, Xizhi, New Taipei City, 22101, Taiwan


Embedded Firmware Design for China Manufacturing Unlike with a PC or Android device, the programming language for every microcontroller is different. At Titoma we provide firmware design and manufacture of custom embedded systems in China mostly for embedded devices based on processors from STM32 and PIC32, and we take care to properly structure and annotate our code so that it can be easily updated or reused for the next generation of the device, even when a different engineer takes over years later. TITOMA’S GOOD PRACTICES FOR EMBEDDED FIRMWARE DESIGN Titoma works for Western B2B companies which expect to sell and upgrade a device (-family) for many years to come, and for which robustness is of critical importance. So we work really hard to ensure we deliver Reliable Firmware though a Reliable Process. WHY ROBUST FIRMWARE SPEEDS UP YOUR TIME TO MARKET Producing accessible code written following standard practices means that our engineers work more efficiently, and your engineers and third parties can easily explore and understand our code. This speeds up communication and problem solving, enhancing Time To Market. Our standards ensure not only reliable code but also a reliable coding environment; if one engineer is unable to continue, another engineer can easily take over their work. In this way, we can avoid serious delays. Taiwan and China are not especially known for their prowess in firmware development. Part of this may be due to the fact that for consumer electronic devices like phones the life cycle is often just 6 months, so most coders are scrambling to slap some code together to get it to work Cha-Bu-Duo “more or less OK“. This is why Titoma has most of its firmware written by our engineers in (or from) our office in Colombia. Being in the US time-zone also facilitates cooperation with our North American clients.

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