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Syca (HK) Limited 

No.59, Muyu Road, Shatou, Chang'an, , Dongguan, 广东 (Guangdong), 523863, China


Syca (HK) Limited is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the development and manufacturing of metal stamping dies for automotive partshome appliance parts, and office automation products. Founded in 2010 at Changan, Dongguan, China.


The company has more than 20 senior engineers and more than 60 professional metal dies technician who are good at designing the manufacturing the stamping dies, the engineers are skilled at using the software like Autoform, Dynaform, Catia and Visi and other advanced engineering software for metal dies stamping process CAE simulations.


With rich experience in metal dies’ designing and manufacturing, Syca is now able to independently develop and produce metal stamping dies for automotive and home appliance products within 6 meters, including Progressive dies, Transfer dies, Single Stage dies and Casting dies


We mainly make Japanese automotive stamping dies such as Engine exhaust pipe assembly parts, Dashboard skeleton assembly parts, Assembly of the support brackets, Front frame parts, Car body parts, Car door, Car seat, Car chassis parts, Hinge reinforcing plate, Skylights and other metal parts, and home appliance such as Electric Rice Cooker Drawn parts, Refrigerators back cover, the TV back cover, the outdoor Air Conditioning, and other stainless steel metal stamping parts. 


Additionally, we also good at metal stamping dies for all kinds of high strength steel parts.


More than 80% of the metal dies and metal stamping parts are exported to the United States, Mexico, UK, Singapore, Japan and other European and American countries.


The company has a number of Pneumatic Press Machine, Tonnage covers 800T,300T ton,160T and 110T, with 3 sets of large coil feeder. 


Over the years, the company has introduced a number of advanced processing equipment, including 8 sets of large Taiwan CNC machining center, 10 sets of Taiwan and Japan wire cutting machines, and other more than 20 set of lathes, milling machines, drilling machines and grinding machines. The testing equipment including the 3D Scanner, 3D CMM, 2D Projector, Height gauge and Hardness gauge. 


With the technical advantages of metal stamping die development and production and well-equipped, we are confident to make all kinds of metal stamping parts production and mechanical processing. We are able to complete the metal stamping, tapping, riveting, welding and assembly processes in the house.


In past years, Syca has made the great development, in addition to the Metal Stamping Dies, Syca also good at designing and manufacturing the Checking Fixtures and Robot Welding Fixtures. We have a professional engineering team, business team and quality control team for all kinds of Metal Stamping factories and Assembly factories.

Contact: Ms.Connie Zeng - GM Sales

Email: connie@hksyca.com



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