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Summit Precision Machining 

10400 E Stanton Road, Davis, Illinois, 61019, United States


Welcome! Here at S U M M I T P R E C I S I O N M A C H I N I N G . C O M, you will find a brief overview (below) of our company: our capabilities, machinery, contact info and more. Located in Davis, Illinois, Summit has provided high quality work to customers for over 20 years. We started out by establishing our name in the mold making industry. Now, as Summit continues to grow and develop, we have expanded into the production manufacturing industry.Already, we have over 45 years combined manufacturing experience under our roof

Manufacturing Capabilities


5- Axis Milling

Metal Painting Booth

Salt Spray Testing Machine

CNC Turning - 12 Star CNC Swiss Type Automatic Lathes (SB16 SB20 SR20 SR32 SW20)

Other Machining


Broaching Machine

Presses (up to 300 ton)

Spot Welding Machines



(1) TorchMate 10'x15' HiDef Plasma CNC Profiler

Agriculture and Forestry

Index Screw Machines

Coordinate Measuring Machine

(1) TorchMate 5'x10' HiDef Plasma CNC Profiler

Large variety

Measuring and Control Instruments

Injection Molding Machines 50 - 320 Tons

(2)Haas SL-20 CNC Lathes w/Bar Feeders

Haas SL-10 CNC Lathe w/Bar Feeder

Haas VF-3 CNC Vertical Mill w/Full 4th Axis Capabilities

Haas VF-2 CNC Vertical Mill

Star JNC-16 CNC Swiss Lathe w/Bar Feeder

Miyano TSV-C37 Multi Pallet CNC Drill/Tap Machine

Miyano LZ01R CNC Lathe w/Live Tooling

(3)Miyano LZ01 CNC Lathes

Miyano BNC 20T CNC Lathe w/Bowl Feeder

Miyano BNC 30A CNC Lathe

Surface grinders

30” Shadow Graph w/ DRO

5000# Lift Truck Tow Motor

3 Miyano 7 axis BNE- with Magazine Bar feeder

1 Nalamura 13 axis NTY-3 with Magazine Bar Feeder

Non - Ferrous Metals

Company Details



MFG Member Since



United States



Ratings & Reviews From Buyers

5.00 (1)
Great work, Great Quality, Amazing Turn Around. Customer service was outstanding and they got product to our company within a deadline that others wouldn't even consider. Repeat business guaranteed
—Nicholas B, Akriveia Technologies, Inc.
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