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Sterling Tools 

D-190, Industrial Estate, Gokul Road,, D-190, Industrial Estate, Gokul Road,, Hubli, Karnataka, 580030, India


STERLING TOOLS, D-190 Industrial Estate, Gokul Road, Hubli - 580 030. INDIA. The Line of activity of Sterling Tools is the manufacture of " Press tools, Dies, Sheet Metal Components and Sub-assemblies. Hence, on receiving the drawing of the required tooling/component, the following process-plan is adopted. 1. Interpretation of Drawing. 2. Designing of Press tools, Dies and Jigs-Fixtures as per design requirement. 3. Indenting of raw materials, hard ware and special tools as required. 4. On receipt of indented raw materials, physical dimensions are checked and on approval, the same is sent for chemical testing depending on the criticality of the part and its function in the assembly. 5. Physical / Chemical testing is followed by pre-machining to prepare the parts for heat treatment and finish grinding, spark erosion and wire cutting. Components are transferred for heat treat - ment only after the line inspectors approve the dimensions after pre-machining. 6. All finishing operations are taken up as soon as the heat treatment in confirmed and the desired hardness in rock well (HRC) is achieved within tolerance. 7. Maximum care and vigilance is adhered to while finishing the components on the jig boring machine, grinding machines, electro discharge machining etc., to achieve the desired accuracy's and fits. 8. Pre-assembly inspection is strictly followed and only then the actual assembly work is taken up. The press-tool, die or jig-fixture is then ready for trials. 9. Components produced out of the manufactured aide are inspected and sent for customer's approval and acceptance. 10. Mass production of the components is started only after the specific raw material is procured, tested and inspected fully. 11. The operators and the line inspectors regularly do random inspection and maintain a close check on the production process to achieve zero rejection. 12. All finished components / products are surface finished, again inspected at random, properly packed and dispatched. 13. All tooling aides are checked and inspected at regular intervals to record their performances and enhance their life-cycle. The tooling aide's history is maintained and all changes made on the same are recorded for future reference. Calibration is strictly followed at pre-determined intervals. 14. Customer's feed back and inspection report of the produced component is sought from time to time and all the necessary changes are undertaken to customer's satisfaction. 15. Continual improvement on the quality of the tooling aide and the produced components is practiced.

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Sheet Metal & Machined Components Fabrications & assemblies & specialists in Deep Drawn components

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