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Stelter & Brinck 

201 Sales Ave, Harrison, Ohio, 45030, United States


We are a global supplier of top-of-the-line process heat equipment and combustion services through the use of business practices grounded in honesty, fairness and good stewardship. We aspire to be a light to the world, treating our customers as we would be treated and setting the standard of business excellence. Our Industrial Process Air Heaters Includes: PBB: Packaged Air Heaters Our PBB air heaters are complete with burner, blower, flame safety controls, process temperature controls, and motor starters. Each heater is prepiped, prewired and test fired at design capacity; the user need only set the equipment in place and connect utilities at the single connection point and it is ready for startup. IAH: Indirect Air Heaters Our indirect fired air heaters are used where no contamination of the process stream by the products of combustion is desired. Available in medium or high efficiencies, the IAH is a prepiped, prewired, packaged unit complete with hot side blowers, burner, integral heat exchanger, and process controls. AHD: Duct Type Air Heater The AHD offers the most cost effective solution to your process air heating needs. Designed to fit in the process ductwork, the AHD uses the process air stream for combustion air. This feature precludes the need for a separate combustion air blower saving both capital and operating costs. AHD-R: Duct Type Air Heater Similar in design to the AHD air heater, the AHD-R is also designed to fit in the process ductwork; however, the AHD-R uses an external combustion blower for combustion air. The external combustion air blower allows a duct mounted type burner to be used in a recirculated or low oxygen air stream. AHG: Gun Style Air Heater Our gun style air heaters are in excellent choice for heating recirculated or dirty airstreams. Gun style units utilize an external combustion blower providing a source of fresh combustion air and the flexibility of a wide turndown. The AGH air heaters are offered in a variety of trim levels ranging from a basic combustion system to a fully packaged process air heater. Our Environmental Equipment Includes: TFO: Thermal Fume Oxidizer VOC emissions entrained in an air stream are drawn into the oxidizer's process air fan. The fan then discharges the resultant airflow into the oxidizer's heat exchanger. The airflow is preheated through the tube side of the heat exchanger and then enters the combustion section. The VOC and air mixture is uniformly exposed to the conversion temperature for the required residence time. The conversion of the VOCs to carbon dioxide and water in their vapor phases occurs under these conditions via an exothermic reaction. The heated airflow is now clean and passes through the shell side of the heat exchanger where heat is transferred from the clean stream to the contaminated inlet stream. The heat exchanger helps to keep fuel consumption at a minimum. The clean air, after passing through the heat exchanger's shell side, enters the exhaust plenum to the atmosphere. Afterburner Stelter & Brinck, Ltd. afterburners are ideal for high opacity airstreams containing smoke and strong odors. Lower airflows and high temp airflows are candidates for VOC removal with an afterburner. The afterburner is a direct thermal oxidizer and provides for the lowest capital investment. CFO: Catalytic Fume Oxidizer If your VOC laden airstream is free of potential catalyst fouling agents or poisons, our catalytic units are your number one option for VOC abatement equipment. Our catalytic fume oxidizers use a noble metal catalyst monolith to destroy the VOC fumes. Because the catalytic unit uses a lower temperature airstream for effective VOC destruction, the unit uses less fuel and lowers the associate operating costs. Our catalytic units are standard with heat recovery to preheat the incoming VOC air stream to further reduce energy costs. Secondary heat recovery is available to provide hot air for use elsewhere in the process or facility. Our Steel and Aluminum Mill Equipment Includes: Ladle and Tundish Dryers/Dryer-Preheaters/Preheaters Our tundish/ladle preheaters and dryers are offered in many configurations to fit your production requirements. You can choose from horizontal or vertical firing arrangements as well as lift-off/portable units or tilt-style units. Actuation of the tilt unit can be by hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder, or even a winch with cable system. Each unit is prepiped and prewired with flame safety controls, process temperature controls, and actuation of the unit is as simple as pushing a button. All units are test fired in our production facility before shipment. Scrap Preheaters and Dryers Stelter & Brinck, Ltd. scrap preheaters both dry and preheat at the same time. These units are designed to fit on top of material conveyors and weigh feeders intended for use with preheating. The units are completely self contained and feature high turn down, high velocity burner systems to provide high air flow rates for drying and high energy to drive the heat into the load. Stelter & Brinck scrap preheaters produce a dryer charge for your melter and increased throughput by supplying a hot charge for melting. Aluminum Sow Dryers Our aluminum sow dryers are the convenient way to dry and preheat your aluminum sows prior to melt. Each unit is prepiped and prewired and complete with flame safety controls and process controls. Each unit is test fired in our production facility prior to shipment. These completely self contained units are designed around your process and sized for the sows you use everyday. Our Skidded and Modular Integrated Packaged Systems Equipment Test Firing Our Combustion Feild Services Include: All of our combustion services are performed by highly skilled and experienced technicians, who: * Are Industrial Process Combustion Specialists * Are backed by our engineering department * Have completed more than the required hours of OSHA training * Have worked with many brands of burners and controls * Will promptly provide you with an in-depth technical report * Have service vans stocked with combustion equipment parts Preventative Maintenance Agreements: To help minimize equipment and plant downtime due to unexpected failures, our Technical Services department offers preventive maintenance services to industry. All types of combustion equipment can greatly benefit from a PM Agreement with Stelter & Brinck, Ltd. Benefits of a PM agreement include: * Reduced Downtime * Increased Production * Reduced Fuel Costs * Improved Safety * Increased Equipment Life * National Fire Protection Association, FM, and GAP (IRI) code compliance A multi-point checklist is used by our service technician to accurately adjust the combustion system for efficient operation, confirm that all safety items are operable, and replace any non-working items. Feild Rebuilds/ Upgrades/ Retrofitting/ Repairs: If you have combustion equipment that is in disrepair, out dated or that needs upgrading, we can help. We have over 60 years experience in the combustion equipment area and can field repair or rebuild your combustion equipment as needed. Backed by our engineering department, a team of experienced technicians can upgrade or rebuild your combustion equipment to today's codes and standards. Examples of repairs that you may need are: * Air heater replacement or repair. * Incinerator/oxidizer repair, burner replacement, heat exchanger replacement and repair. * Conversions from oil fired burner systems to natural gas fired burner systems. * Complete burner systems or burner controls upgrade. * Refractory replacement and repair. Combustion Equipment Parts For more information, visit our website or give us a call! We'd be happy to quote your next process heating project! www.stelterbrinck.com 513-367-9300

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