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SPR Design Inc. 


SPR DESIGN INC. is approaching it's 10th year as an innovative design and CAD modeling supplier to small and medium size companies in the Montreal area. But that hasn't stopped us from working with clients across Canada and the US. Our clients vary from automotive, medical, scientific, public safety and consumer products; all sharing a common thread...affordable design and engineering. The success of any product relies not only on looks, but also on function. This is where our engineering comes into play. Over the years, we have realized that clients prefer engineering to be disguised as a simple and elegant feature of their products. To maintain costs, we deliver the required engineering for the required application whether your project is in the concept stage or simply needs to be re-engineered. Using sophisticated CAD software, your products are intelligently developed as 3D models, enabling you to exceed your product quality. In addition, 3D modeling allows for the ability to simulate and validate product performance and design even before physical samples are ever made. Since our inception, we have been an "inventor magnet" for new and innovative ideas that need an engineering and design push in the right direction. Our size and flexibility blend well with the basic nature of inventive people and their ideas, culminating in tangible product design and engineering, right from their paper napkin sketches. Please see us for more details at www.sprdesign.com

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SPR Design Inc. 

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