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Smorgon Optical Machine-Tool Plant 

Y.Kolas Str., 78, Smorgon, Moskva, 231000, Russia


Our company produces and sells the following equipment: Equipment for all kinds of processing of optical parts, parts made of quarz, natural stone, ceramics; Vacuum installations for: - deposition of many-layer thin-film coatings on optical parts ; - deposition of hardening coatings on units and parts of machines and tools; - deposition of decorative coatings in a wide range of colors including gold-like ones on various materials; - metallization by aluminium on polymer films and paper. The film breadth is 500 mm, 1000 mm and 1200mm. Vacuum gauges VT1-4, VMB1-2, VTM-1, VK-6. Technological sources for PVD-technologies. Equipment for electrolyte and plasma (electro-impulse) polishing of products. Wood-working turning-duplicating machines TK-200 and lathe-duplicating machines 2FK-320. Gear pumps NSH - 6-3, NSH32 -A3, NSH - 50A3, NSH-32SM3, 3225SH. Cole-tubing equipment for technological and repair works on oil, gas and gas-condensate holes without stoppage. Grain-cleaning machines MZU-40. Air heaters TGA-800 using solid fuel (wood-working waste, firewood and e.t.c) for grain dryers, for warming up premises and drying timber, power 800kW. Road sweeper-collectors MP-101. Three- and five rotor mowers for mowing round roadsides. Mobile plants for recycling automobile tyres. We are searching for orders of manufacturing of production of a machine construction profile any complication according to custom-ers drawings (including separate units and parts). Joint productions or joint-ventures are possible. We are looking for a representa-tive to sell our products.

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