SMA/Shuimin AG 

1708 Ping Liang Rd, Room 904, Kairui Building Fengcheng 3th Rd, Shanghai, 上海 (Shanghai), 200090, China


Standard Manufacturer for America, SMA/Shuimin AG, is a China based Manufacturing and product development company. SMA's North American marketing and operation office is located in Milford, Connecticut to provide the manufacturing and consulting needs for worldwide equipment and machinery manufacturers and Institutions. SMA is a model and a pioneer of the co-operation between Chinese enterprise and foreign companies. We have made a very important contribution to the modernization and the privatization of China's industry.

SMA/Shuimin AG and its associate companies have over 55,000 employees to handle the manufacturing purchase orders from over the world. There are 2000 technicians, senior engineers, senior management specialists and experts. Most of our plants meet the ISO9001:2000 set of quality standards and procedures.

SMA/Shuimin AG integrates market exploration, research development, production and after sales services. SMA has an efficient logistics and sophisticated engineering infrastructure. Using its strong marketing power and excellent services in North America, SMA has established over 1 billion businesses ready to serve today. SMA and its associate companies, have the most rapid RD and production turnover.

With the continuous growth and development, SMA has set up a systematic and rigorous procurement group with profound expertise, vigilance and multi-disciplined approach to quality control and project management for our global customers.

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Manufacturing Capabilities


Injection molding machine

200-500mt forging Stamping Presses: 10sets


Inductotherm induction melting unit

Haas vf 4

Forging and Machining Parts

Molding Design

Wire Forming

Stamping & Deep-Drawing

Automatic sewing machine

Product and Process Engineering and Development

Spring & Wire Forming

Spray Painting

Engineering & Design

CNC Mill/Lathes

Machining / Fabrication

stamping and die machinery

Inject machine

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Ratings & Reviews From Buyers

4.80 (5)
The main thing to note about SMA is that they are headquartered in the USA, which makes communication very clear and robust. SMA helped us build the injection molding & casting tooling to launch our product. They have been very good at ensuring the quality of the parts is perfect. We've now done 2 production runs with them and the 2nd run was very fast, despite some tooling modification that we requested after finding minor flaws in our own design. The RFQ doesn't mention this, but we also did cast tooling + parts, as well as packaging for 2 products with SMA. Our customers have been very happy with the quality, and we're excited to be deepening our relationship with SMA in 2019 to try and get full assembly done overseas. Lastly, the shipping both via air and ocean has been so very well taken care of that the parts arrived right at our doorstep, without having to worry about freight forwarding or anything of that nature. Walter, Kevin, Susan, and Mark have been very pleasant to work with, and I cannot stress enough the value of being able to schedule a time and have a real-time phone conversation with the manufacturer. Thank you MFG and SMA for getting our product to market!
It has been a breeze working with SMA/Shumin AG. My key metric is communication and it has been open and clear. I have already awarded SMA two additional parts and expect to work with them well into the future.
Had an issue with the coating not being cleaned before delivery. Outside of that there was great communication, on time, and exactly what we wanted. We are doing business again very soon.
excellent response
Quality looked good on the first articles. Look forward to the production run.
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