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Sinotech USA 

7509 South 5th Street, Ridgefield, Washington, 98642, United States


Thank you for reviewing our profile. As a short introduction, SinotechUSA is a US based component supplier. We have over 18 years experience in tooling and molding. We specialize in injection mold tooling, parts production, and plastic extrusions. We also do component level sub-assemblies and wire harness assemblies. We have also supplied customers with sheet metal and die cast parts. The Majority of our production work is done in Shanghai, China. We are minority owners of two factories there. We have recently added production capabilities in the US. We see a positive trend of manufacturing returning the US. We are able to take the years of experience with low-cost, overseas manufacturing and bring that knowledge home. Our facilities are located in Vancouver, WA (Portland Oregon Metro Area). The US coordinating staff does production and order tracking and shipping logistics. We also have warehousing ability in our Pacific Northwest facility for "just in time" delivery. We can warehouse parts in the US based on 90 day forecasts and deliver to you as needed. Anytime you need information about your project, our people are here for you. We also have a design and engineering group that does customer support in new product development. Our engineers work mainly in SolidWorks, but we can usually translate any type file. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or my assistant, Lisa Olivetti. We look forward to working with you. Thanks, TIM Tim Armstrong, Owner SinotechUSA, Inc. tim@sinotechusa.com

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Plastic Injection Molding machines, varying from 77 tons to 400 tons

Injection molding

Die Casting

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United States



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4.00 (1)
Would recommend for low cost and good quality parts, both injection molded and die cast metal.
—Joe K, Kapushion Design and Development, Inc.
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