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Simco, Inc 

6230 Regency Pkwy., Suite 404, Norcross, Georgia, 30071, United States


A Note From the President Simco is proud of 42 years of accomplishments. Throughout our history we have maintained a set of values which we believe in today. We want to be more to our valued customers than a company who processes your orders. We strive to become a partner to your organization. We do this by practicing a very simple set of business strategies: 1. We maintain a staff of knowledgeable and dedicated employees capable of providing you with qualified assistance. In a time when businesses in all fields suffer a high rate of turnover, we have been fortunate to keep a well-trained, capable staff of people in all departments. We still have original employees, people pushing twenty five years, and many who will soon hit the twenty year mark. At the same time, we constantly infuse new employees into the mix. We do more than hire good people, however. We train them. We make sure they get training from our factory schools, local schools and from programs related to our business. In our company training is a priority. Our people do not go to a one-time training seminar. They start training on their first day on the job, and they continue to get the best training we can provide throughout their years at Simco. 2. Superior service was a key when we started business 40 years ago, and it's a key today. Our customers expect it, and we intend to provide it. There was a time when superior service meant simply putting a customer's order on a truck and getting it delivered promptly. Superior service today means a whole lot more. As plants have automated, it has become important for both outside and inside sales personnel to have advanced skills in understanding and selecting sophisticated products. As business has become computerized, it has become crucial that we provide a framework for doing business seamlessly in a digital age. Service is a more far reaching concept than it used to be, and we understand the importance of providing the service our customers require. 3. Without leading edge products, nothing else would matter; and at Simco we are very proud of our product mix. We proudly carry the leading brands in our industry. With lines like Banner, TURCK, Eurodrive, Warner, Omron, Aromat and so many more, Simco offers a product selection that is second to none. The lines we carry are far too numerous to mention here, but visit the "products" link for a view of our electronic product guide, which includes photos and a synopsis of each and every line. Also check out the new products section for recently released items.

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