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S.G. Gears 

Dilip Kannadkar "Mahur" 51 Brahamvrund Hsg. Colony S No.14 Pimple Nilakh Pune,411027, S.G.GEARS 10/35 PCNTDA Ind Area Bhosari Pune 411026, Pune India .411026, Maharashtra, 411027, India


Mr. Dilip Kannadkar, Proprietor S.G Gears is a mechanical engineer with 31 years of experience in various organizations and in own industry. In 1980 he joined Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Ltd. In Transmission division which had a very well equipped gear manufacturing and assembly shop. As a development engineer, he dealt with hydraulic transmissions for shunting locomotives, Fluid couplings, Tank transmissions, Gear boxes, etc. In 1984 he joined M/S Greaves cotton and Company Ltd. As a sales engineer. He was involved in sales of worm and helical gear boxes, Fluid couplings, cranes and hoists. In 1987 he joined M/S Shanthi Gears Ltd. As a regional manager to look after North, East and West region. M/S Shanthi Gears was a small company then. He has established the name of the company and the product in this region along with achieving good sales. In 1990-94 he was engaged in his own marketing and trading business. In 1994, S.G Gears was started with an ambition of developing all gear cutting facilities in-house. S.G Gears concentrated on design and manufacturing of custom built gear boxes. During 1994-96 different types of worm gear boxes like those with Hollow Input shaft, with Hollow output shaft, Screw Jacks, Worm gears boxes for Tank Rotators and welding SPMS, Crane duty Gear Boxes etc. we have manufactured crane duty gear boxes for long travel and cross travel for Bokaro Steel plant through Kirloskar pneumatic co. Ltd., Tisco, Larsen and Tubro Ltd. We have also undertaken steel plant rollers table gear box assembly works at site, these gear boxes were weighing 6 ton each and 6 meters long. S.G Gears passed through 1996-97 recession and then onwards concentrated on gears and precision machined component manufacturing emphasizing on prompt delivery to our customers.

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CNC desktop (underwater) plasma cutting machine Item:RG-10D-J-P1-H1000

Granding machine: 2 sets

Haas ST-20

Hobbed Gears

Turning Machine

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ISO 9001:2008



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