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Number 8-1, Feng Xi Er Road, Long Xi Avenue, Liwan District, Guangzhou, 广东 (Guangdong), 510000, China


Sevco is a Canadian owned, China based factory, specialised in mechanical components manufacturing.

Finding a reliable factory in China is like walking on moving sands. From afar, it’s hard to check their trustworthiness, expertise or their ability to execute and deliver your project. Missing one step of the process might set you back for weeks, months, or worse. This is where the tale of “Made in China” low quality comes from. And this is where we step in : to make the best product possible, we’re involved at every step to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Our core processes :

  • CNC

We take the risk out, so you can make your most ambitious projects a reality.

We partner with our clients to drive their business with Strategy, Prototyping, Development, Production, Shipment and everything in between.

Working with us will get you the foothold you need to get ahead of your competition.

Our Work

Manufacturing Capabilities


Plastics and Rubber


Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Bronze, Thermoplastic, Nickel, Stainless Steel, Zinc, Glass, Alloy Steel, Other/Misc, Brass, Copper, Tin, Titanium, Beryllium Copper, Wood, Iron


3 x CNC 3-axis

4 x CNC 4-axis + 1 x CNC 5-axis

2 x Die-sinking EDM

1 x Wire EDM

2 x Drill Press

1 x Lathe

2 x Milling Machines

2 x Digital Display Grinder

1 x Plastic Injection 120 Tonne + Robot Unloading Arm

1 x Plastic Injection 160 Tonne + Robot Unloading Arm

1 x Plastic Injection 168 Tonne + Robot Unloading Arm

1 x Injection Machine Raw Material Auto-Loader

1 x Raw Material Pre-Heating Machine for Plastic Injection

1 x Universal Testing Machine

1 x Projector Inspector

1 x Salt Spray Tester

1 x Surface Roughness Tester

1 x HRC Hardness Gauge / Rubber Hardness Gauge

1 x Colorimeter

2 x Digital Micrometers

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