Seiko Electrical Co., Ltd. Jiangmen City Jinxin 

Yee Fung Lok Road, Jiangmen City, Room 101, Qingyuan 5, Jiangmen City, 广东 (Guangdong), 529000, China


Jin Xin is committed to the CNC precision machining, metal stamping parts, injection molding products and various non-standard bearings, R D and production. The company has imported, domestic CNC machining center equipment nearly 20 Taiwan, injection molding workshop of the company have a clamping force models 50T-380T, medium-sized, and small injection molding machine more than 30 Taiwan, and other ancillary processing equipment, able to engage in a single, batch and various clamping fixture design, manufacturing and assembly, equipped with two dimensions, 2D the height of instrument, Hexagon coordinate measuring instrument such as a high precision testing equipment, through strict quality control processes, products and services to provide stable, reliable customer. Through our unique management mode and process design, in order to deal with the industry challenges and difficulties, to find the optimal solution in low cost, small volume, high quality, quick response to customer requirements, Jin Xin finished the slogan: not only the product, do not products. Make your request, send your instruction, the rest of Jin Xin to complete! Focus on precision machining, be consistent from beginning to end, trustworthy!

Manufacturing Capabilities


stamping and die machinery

Stamping & Deep-Drawing

stamping die

Stamping and laser cut parts

stamping and die machinery

Bearing Adapter


5 Axis Milling

200-500mt forging Stamping Presses: 10sets


Injection molding

Machining Parts


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